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MY COMMENTS FIRST: In the Diocese of Savannah and I suspect elsewhere, there are no sisters teaching in the majority of our schools and in my parish school. At one time in Macon there were upwards to 40 until about the mid to late 1960's Sisters of Mercy to staff our school and their private academy, Mt. de Sales. Today both schools are completely lay run. The same scenario plays out in other schools. And the Catholic hospital in Augusta owned and operated by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Corondelet sold the hospital to a for profit corporation. There are no more Sisters of St. Joseph in Augusta, where once up until the mid 1960's there were close to 50.

  Pope Francis: a Church without nuns is “un-imaginable”!

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Sunday highlighted the great value that nuns bring to the Church. “What would happen” – the Pope said – “if there were no nuns? No nuns in hospitals, in missions, in charitable institutions, in schools… Can you even imagine a Church without nuns…? No it is unthinkable!”.

And speaking on the day in which we celebrate the World Day for Consecrated Life, the Pope said that nuns are great women. He said “they are a gift, the leaven that carries the message of Christ”. “These women – he said – are great!”

The Pope’s words came before the Sunday recitation of the Angelus in St Peter’s Square, after having presided over Mass in the Basilica on the Feast Day of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, a Feast which is traditionally dedicated to Consecrated Life.

To those gathered in the Square Pope Francis said that consecrated persons in different sectors are “the leaven of a more just and fraternal society”. He said that “Consecrated Life is a gift of God to the Church and to His people”.

The Pope said that the Church and the world needs the witness of religious and consecrated lay people to the love and the mercy of God, and he asked for prayers so that many young people may say “yes” to God who calls them “to consecrate their lives to Him and to be of service to their brothers and sisters”.

Pope Francis recalled that the year 2015 will be dedicated to Consecrated Life and asked for prayers for this initiative. After the recitation of the Angelus Prayer, Pope Francis reminded those present that in Italy “The Day for Life” is celebrated today with the theme “Generating the Future”. He sent his greetings and encouragement to those committed to the defence of life from its conception to its natural end.

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Gene said...

This is sort of like saying, "Imagine the Church without the Latin Mass." Too late...

Anonymous said...

So many of today's sisters are in open opposition to the Church and her teachings that there very existence within the Church (I mean being permitted to publicly identify as sisters in schools, on TV etc.) is a real scandal.
Since there is no hope of reforming orders like the Sisters of Mercy or the Sisters of St. Joseph, I for one rejoice that they have no vocations and will be extinct within my lifetime. Every Sunday at Mass they have a remembrance for another dead Sister of St. Joseph and I have to stop myself from thinking "good, one less heretic to cause trouble is out of the picture" and remember to ask God to have mercy on them for the destruction they caused in schools and to countless children. How many radical nuns since the 60's have destroyed the faith of innocent children while the Church's pastors turned a blind eye. The nuns destroyed the souls of children and many priests destroyed their minds through abuse. It nice for Pope Francis to say he can't imagine a Church without nuns but what is he going to do to stop the nonsense that has been allowed to destroy these once vital and flourishing orders of women. Francis has said their is room for sinners but not the corrupt in the priesthood. I hope he applies this to religious women's orders.

Bobby said...


Harsh. But unfortunately I agree more with you than I care to admit. Nevertheless, thank God for the new vocations that are seeing. They are often coming from devout orders that are very loyal to the Church. However, I think many of those orders are more contemplative and are not quite as active. Lets pray these devout young sisters take on more active duties in health care and education and social work. I dont wish death on anyone, but I do pray to hasten the end to scandal and heresy. And if that means the death of a "hippie" generation of nuns and male religious who brought death to the Church, then so be the death of that generation. In other words I wont mourn the absence of those whose pride brought them to teach their truth instead of THE truth. Let us look with hope and joy for young faithful religious God is bringing us now.

Anonymous said...

Poor Holy Father it is to late for this worry, we have lost the nuns after Vatican II when they burned their habits and started wearing skirts, earrings, makeup, and no longer were real nuns. We lost the Latin Mass at the same time, Holy Father return our Mass of All Times and the people will return to the pews and the seminaries and convents will be packed again!!! Just look at the F.S.S.P. Institute of Christ the King, S.S.P.X., and of course we cannot forget our suffering Franciscans of the Immaculate and their ongoing destruction. All of these Traditional orders are FULL and young men are waiting in droves to enter, one cannot say that for the Novus Ordo men and women???? No, they are empty and dying out as we speak, so why in Gods name would Rome want to destroy a growing, thriving order such as the Franciscans of the Immaculate???

Robert Kumpel said...

All is not lost yet.

There are younger, traditional, vibrant orders of young nuns out there and they are laying the foundation for the self-extinction the older orders have imposed upon themselves. For an encouraging look at the future, I suggest checking out this website:

Anonymous said...

Once again. How is being non diplomatic and truthful being harsh. It's the truth why use flowery language and vauge expression. Just say it like it is.

Anonymous said...

I feel this is the turning point, the great experiment of Vatican II was a disaster for The Church and now we must start anwew, but all will be as it was before the council, not in our lifetimes but the start of it begins now, if you look at our new priests most are YOUNG and want to learn the TLM, a priest is another Christ and these young men be they F.S.S.P. or Institute of Christ the King and yes even the S.S.P.X. need our help and prayers, support them all you can for they are the future of our Church and the TLM. Pray for the S.S.P.X. to come home to Rome and their presence in the Church will enhance the return of the TLM faster. And as always for the Franciscans of the Immaculate!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kumpel you are quite correct many many new Traditional orders are popping up, it is only normal for this to happen, as an adult male I for one will not sit in a pew and watch giant puppets, danicng girls, female lectors, drums, guitars, banjos, felt banners, altar girls, dinner table in place of an altar of sacrifice, made up liturgies as they go, the 70's and 80's are a thing of the past, the radical nuns and priests and yes even bishops are either passed away or are on their way to answer for all the destruction they wrecked upon Christ's Church.

Pater Ignotus said...

How many religious orders have gone "extinct"in the history of religious orders?

just asking said...

Did hear correctly that Sr Elizabeth's community is sending additional sisters to Macon to work in St Peter Claver and Daybreak.
This is good, no?