Tuesday, February 25, 2014


As I was on my two hour drive from Augusta to Macon this morning, I was listening to XM Radio's Catholic Channel and the morning program "Seize the Day" with host Gus Lloyd.

A large segment was on Catholic Funerals gone wild with eulogies that are inappropriate for Catholic Funeral Rites.  He applauded Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa, Canada for banning eulogies by family or friends at the Church's funeral rites throughout his archdiocese.

There is no doubt that there are some fine remembrances done by a family member or friend after the Prayer after Holy Communion. But there are too many examples of this privilege going bad and becoming a public therapy session for the one presenting or the emphasis of the talk too much on the one giving it. Sometimes the sins of the deceased are told in a humorous way and in fact glorifies these sins when laughter is sought and given.Sometimes a religious message is given that is heterodox, or non Catholic.

Here is but one of many, many, many lay eulogies GONE BAD given at a Catholic Funeral Mass. This one is given by Cher for her former husband Sonny Bono. In the name of God and all that is Holy how do these things happen in the Catholic Church?


Ted said...

I've heard worse. Justin Trudeau, who may become the next prime minister of Canada, launched his public political career from the eulogy he gave at his father's funeral in Monreal's Notre-Dame Basilica a few years ago. What is even more scandalous are the doctrines he espouses in contradiction to core Catholic teaching while still claiming to be a Catholic.

Rev Roland said...

What was so wrong with Cher's eulogy - was it because no religious comments were made, although she did refer to Sonny in heaven 'loving it'?

What i found scandalous was a Vatican II priest referring to the Islamic heaven (of sexual delights) as a reason why atheists (he correcly assumed were at the funeral) should believe in the Christian heaven.