Monday, January 22, 2018


Excerpt from Crux:

Luis Badilla, writing in the well-known Italian blog “Il Sismografo”, often labeled as close to the Vatican, published a piece Sunday calling for Barros’s resignation and for the pope to “promptly” accept it, saying that it’s not only the Chilean church that is suffering from the “Bishop Barros War” but the whole Church.

Joelle Casteix, of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests in the United States, told Crux that with his comments, Francis had made a “fatal error,” because he “let people know how he truly feels about survivors of abuse and the scandal in general.”

Crux has a stunning article on Pope Francis' unmitigated disaster concerning sex abuse victims which you can press the headline below to read. The anger this has generated in one part of the Church is just a symptom of the anger that the Holy Father in generating in many parts of the Church. Anger isn't healthy for the Church no matter which faction has it and expresses it. It's not the right way to unify the Church, to say the least!

This horrible polarization of anger in the Church began day one when Pope Francis' portrayed His Holiness as the anti-Pope Benedict undoing almost everything Pope Benedict tried valiantly to bring about, especially "renewal of the Church in continuity with the Pre-Vatican II Church not in rupture with it." The "reform of the reform" was spot on and it still is even though Pope Francis has turned the clock back to the 1960's worst intuitions about how to bring about a "new springtime" for the Church, a term itself fraught with wrongheaded triumphalism.

The only plan of God I can see in all of this mess that we are experiencing is that a completely new generation of Catholics is experiencing first hand what the early post-Vatican II Church experienced in the 1960's and it wasn't pretty. That experience led to the decline of the Church today and yes, there is a cause and effect. What is happening now, so similar to the 1960's, will lead to tomorrow's (the next two generations) demise of the Catholic Church, a clear cause and effect. For current Catholics exposed now to the Old Rite of the Mass and the corruption of renewal in discontinuity that is occurring at the same time, may well be the path that will be Catholicism's hope to embrace Pope Benedict's form of renewal in the not too distant future.

The Church has been waiting a year or more for the Cardinals who issued the dubia to issue a correction of the Holy Roman Pontiff if His Holiness did not clarify the ambiguities of His Holiness' teachings concerning the Sacrament of Marriage and who is elibible to receive Holy Communion.

There has been no clarification that these dubia cardinals would find satisfactory nor have they issued a "correction of the Holy Roman Pontiff."

However, Cardinal O"Mally and the nation of Chile issued a correction to the Holy Roman Pontiff with lightening speed as the Associated Press reports:

 The pope’s comments sparked such an outcry that both (Cardinal) O’Malley, Francis’ own top adviser on abuse, and the Chilean government made the highly rare decision to publicly rebuke him – an extraordinary correction of a pontiff from both church and state. The criticisms were all the more remarkable given that they came on the Argentina-born pontiff’s home turf in Latin America.

Read the Crux article here as what is described is symptomatic of so much afflicting the Church of Pope Francis today:

O’Malley’s ‘rebuke’ of pope on sex abuse stirs wide reaction

O’Malley’s ‘rebuke’ of pope on sex abuse stirs wide reaction
Members of the movement Laicos de Osorno sing while holding up images showing Fernando Karadima, and his protege Juan Barros, bishop of Osorno, with a message that reads in Spanish: "A bishop who covers up cannot be a priest," during a vigil in front of the Cathedral of Santiago, Chile, Saturday, Jan. 18, 2018. (Credit: AP Photo/Esteban Felix.)


Anonymous said...

Dear. Fr.Alan.
The bishop of a diocese is meant to be the source of Catholic unity within that diocese.
The pope is meant to be the source of unity within the entire Catholic Church.

Therefore fidelity to revealed catholic truth on core moral issues must be a distinguishing mark of any valid Pope.
Catholics are not seeing such marks , indeed the contrary is the case with cardinals and bishops split on papal teaching.
So what is actually happening in the Petrine office.?
All these issues have been building since the alleged abdication of Pope Benedict.
Something somewhere is very very wrong.
Was Benedicts abdication fully valid and free from substantial error all as required by canon law?

The person elected as a consequence of Benedicts decision has put himself at odds with previous papal teaching on the core issue of marital indissolubly .
A teaching extant since the Catholic Churches foundation.
So, the division and disunity you rightly criticise has emanated from this individual person elected by a college of Cardinal.s
[a college which subsequently displayed itself to be seriously divided on catholic moral teaching]

The catholic episcopate are the only body capable of resolving these matters and should be urgently calling for a general council, imperfect if need be.

Woody said...

The problem with reform of the reform and other restoration efforts like the TLM Movement is that it shows conclusively that the Latin church has failed in its mission of sanctifying the faithful. Or as others have put it when the Latin church destroyed its Liturgy it became kaput.

So, like more and more folks I am going East, in communion with the See of Rome, to be sure, but looking to the Fathers and the truly immemorial Liturgy for sustenance and guidance.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
Glory forever!

Mark Thomas said...

His Holiness Pope Francis apologized today for any offense that he created in regard to his comments related to the accusation against Bishop Barros.

Pope Francis added that "the case of Barros was studied, had it studied again, and there is no evidence. That is what I wanted to say. I do not have evidence to condemn him. If I condemn him without evidence or without moral certainty I would commit a crime of bad judgment."

Those offended by Pope Francis' use of the word "proof" in regard to the allegation against Bishop Barros received their apology from His Holiness. Fine. But that won't satisfy the lynch mob that has formed against Bishop Barros, and now, Pope Francis.

The lynch mob wants Pope Francis to destroy Bishop Barros. But the lynch mob, as Pope Francis noted, has not presented evidence to support their allegation against Bishop Barros.

As Pope Francis declared, "the case of Barros was studied, had it studied again, and there is no evidence. I do not have evidence to condemn him."

What on earth is the problem here? Why should Pope Francis condemn Bishop Barros?

What if a lynch mob should form against another bishop, and another, and another? Should Pope Francis bow to lynch mobs?

"We charge Bishop 'X' with..." "We demand his removal."

Pope Francis: "Yes, lynch mob. I will condemn Bishop 'X'. Not a shred of evidence has been presented against Bishop 'X'. But I will condemn Bishop 'X'.

Should Pope Francis bow to demands expressed by lynch mobs?


Mark Thomas

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Mark even the National Catholic Reporter as liberal as they are is criticizing the Pope's apology. Three victims of the condemned Father Karadima have stated Bishop Baros, a protege of Kardaima was present and witnessed the abuse, one victim testifying this under oath at a civil trial of Karadima. This is far from over and the Baros issue has all but destroyed the Catholic Church in once strong Catholic CHILE.

Even if Baros is innocent he has caused so much strife there and now throughout the world that he should be removed and brought to Rome for a desk job.

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald, Pope Francis said that "the case of Barros was studied" and "studied again." In regard to Bishop Barros, Pope Francis added: "I do not have evidence to condemn him."

Father, you said: "Even if Baros is innocent he has caused so much strife there and now throughout the world that he should be removed and brought to Rome for a desk job."

Pope Francis should "fire" an innocent bishop based upon this or that group having declared that Bishop Barros created "strife" within the bishop's diocese?

Okay. Then the following should apply:

Bishop Robert Morlino has created "strife" within his diocese.

Petition to remove Bishop Morlino from the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin.

There are "traditional" Catholics who insist that Pope Francis must resign as Pope. There are "liberal" Catholics who have called upon Pope Francis to "fire" Cardinal Sarah. There are factions within the Church who want Pope Francis, this Cardinal, that bishop, this priest, that deacon, "fired."

Should Pope Francis "fire" every Cardinal and bishop, then himself, to fulfill the demands of one petition after another?

There are calls within the Church to outlaw the TLM, Novus consign Vatican II to history. Where does this nonsense stop?

Anyway...we should "fire" innocent bishops to satisfy this or that faction within the Church? The demands of lynch mobs are to be satisfied?


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

MT, If you are criticizing Bishop Morlino, you're a fake catholic. Go over to Father Z's website and try to push that nonsense

ByzRC said...

MT -

Do you actually read these endless links that you attach before posting them? I know you are going to correct me by saying yes so, I'll assume you do but, here 2+2!=4. Without me retyping the article but, for the avoidance of any doubt as to the integrity and fidelity of this man, the Bishop was upholding Catholic moral teaching and those who didn't agree with that stance petitioned for his removal.

BTW, Lent is coming. Maybe instead of m&m's, consider giving up blogging??

ByzRC said...

Woody -

Glory to Jesus Christ, Glory Forever!

I welcome you to the East and hope, as you join this mystical body, that you journey brings you inspiration, spiritual nourishment and many good friends that the fellowship component encourages you to have.

TJM said...



Woody said...


Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!

Thanks for your kind wishes. The community at our local ByzCath church is great and very diverse, I have found many great new friends. Interestingly, not only am I, an Ordinariate layman, crossing over, but we have an Ordinatiate priest learning the ropes as well, hopefully with Metropolitan William’s permission to start serious formal training in the DL soon.

Now there is only the change of rite petition to submit and pray for the best, to be done soon, I hope. Meanwhile, after last Sunday (Publican and Pharisee), one can only pray for deliverance from one’s own pharisaism. So please pray for me, a sinner.

All the best.

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald said..."Mark even the National Catholic Reporter as liberal as they are is criticizing the Pope's apology."

Father, I have read Pope Francis' apology in question. What is there to criticize in regard to the Pope's apology? I don't understand that. Pope Francis apologized. He asked forgiveness from those offended by his use of the word "proof". That is not good enough for certain folks?

Beyond that, will those who've attacked Pope Francis in regard to Bishop Barros' situation apologize to His Holiness?

Pope Francis noted that the charges against Bishop Barros were investigated twice. Holy Mother Church did not find evidence to support the lynch mob's claims against Bishop Barros.

Pope Francis has obeyed Church teaching in regard to Bishop Barros. Pope Francis cannot condemn Bishop Barros as not one bit of evidence exists that substantiates the lynch mob's claims against Bishop Barros.

Again, will those who've denounced Pope Francis in the above matter apologize to His Holiness?


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

TJM said..."MT, If you are criticizing Bishop Morlino, you're a fake catholic."

I thought that my point was clear in regard to Bishop Morlino. That is, the argument that Bishop Barros, who has not been found guilty of the claims in question, should be "fired" to satisfy his critics, is not valid.

TJM said..."Go over to Father Z's website and try to push that nonsense."

Given all the nonsense that exists over there...the last thing that that blog needs is my nonsense. :-)


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

ByzRC said..."MT - Do you actually read these endless links that you attach before posting them?"

Nope. Why would I do that?

Besides, I subscribe to a service... Links R Us. When I need a link...bam...I have thousands of links at my disposal.

Do I read the links before posting them? Please! I include links haphazardly. Why should I take time to think prior to posting my drivel?


Mark Thomas

ByzRC said...

Woody -

Best to both you and the Ordinariate Priest that you mentioned. The discernment process can be trying and I'm sure that with its conclusion, you both are comforted. Be assured of my prayers and keep me in yours for, I too, am also a sinner.


ByzRC said...

MT -

At least you finally acknowledge your problem. Your reply is refreshing, however, as it lacked its usual 12-15+ references to Pope Francis. For once, the record is unstuck! Keep it up and maybe you can just give up the m&m's for Lent!

Adam Michael said...

"Do I read the links before posting them? Please! I include links haphazardly. Why should I take time to think prior to posting my drivel?"

This does not sound like Mark Thomas. I wonder if someone else is using his name.

ByzRC said...

Adam Michael -

I had wondered that or, if, the response was completely tongue-in-cheek/sarcastic (I suspect the latter to be the case). In any event, Christian charity is leading me to turn down my jets on our MT hoping, however, that clarity and being concise is the resultant focus. My slightly ageing eyes, and perhaps those of others as well, struggle to focus on complex posts!

TJM said...


Father Z has a wonderful website that only a real Catholic would appreciate. Hence your issue with it.



Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Mark Thomas.
You defend an alleged pontiff guilty of contradicting Christs prohibition on adultery amongst other heresies.
This is an extension of the foul Kasperite heresy that Gods essence is mercy.
Gods essence is love, God can not be merciful to himself.
Mercy is an attribute of God , not his essence.
Stop defending this egregious heretical conduct that is causing schism in the church.
Yours sincerely.