Tuesday, January 9, 2018


No, Catholicism Is Not Inclusive
When the pastor of a rural Minnesota Catholic church learned that three male musicians each claimed to be married to a man, he dismissed them. When officials at a suburban Maryland Catholic school learned that a substitute teacher and field hockey coach was associated with a white supremacist group, they dismissed him. Both decisions were merited. The Catholic Church opposes gay marriage and racism. While neither the gay men nor the white supremacist were openly flouting their convictions, once their status became publicly known, Catholic officials had little choice but to dismiss them. Not to do so would be to give sanction to behaviors that are in direct contradiction to the teachings of the
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ByzRC said...

The mistaken notion of the Universal Church as an unrestricted social club as opposed to the saver of souls. Many now expect every accommodation which results in nothing but compromise at every turn of the principles of the Institution. Confusion and alienation results for those who don't expect such accommodations. A very Protestant notion and outcome.

Anonymous said...

Father M. you might want to put "married: in quotation marks here---as of course there is no such thing (from a moral standpoint) of a man being married to a man.

Your statement here goes to show that the Church should not be thought of in ideological terms (liberal vs conservative). Most people would associate same-sex "marriage" with conservatism and racist associations as a liberal issue, but it does not really matter in the sense some things are simply inherently wrong, regardless of whether ABC is seens as a liberal or conservative issue.