Wednesday, January 24, 2018


As an ordained priest, I have the right, privilege and honor not to mention entitlement to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form at our Cathedral. But this Sunday is extra special because I have the privilege of celebrating the beginning of the season of Septuagesima this Sunday, January 28 at 1 pm at the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in historic downtown Savannah, Georgia at Lafayette Square.

Be there or be square, because you "only baptized Catholics" can have the privilege, entitlement and right to this Mass too! Ah shucks! Be there or be square, Lafayette Square that is!


Catholic Mission said...

JANUARY 24, 2018
6000 hits a day?

Henry said...

From a Knoxville Latin Mass newsletter (which may have gotten it from somewhere else): The collect, secret, and postcommunion prayers for the three Sundays of the season of Septuagesima, as they are found today in the 1962 missal, are word-for-Latin-word identical with those in the Gregorian sacramentary used in the time of Charlemagne twelve hundred years ago. (Click here if you'd like to compare these propers on pages 25-26 of Charlemagne's sacramentary online, with the Latin propers in the Campion pew missal or in your own Latin-English hand missal.)

Indeed, these proper orations are thought to have already been several centuries old at the time of Charlemagne, dating back at least to the time of Pope Gregory the Great (before 600 AD). So those of us who attend the extraordinary form Mass of Septuagesima this Sunday will hear words hallowed by 12 to 15 centuries of continuous use in the liturgy of the Church. Though these pearls of Christian antiquity (along with the Sundays of Septuagesimatide themselves) are missing from the newer ordinary form missal and calendar.

Marc said...

There is no need for Septuagesima in the Novus Ordo because Lent no longer involves fasting. In other words, there is no need to prepare for a fast that does not exist. So the argument for the reinstatement of Septuagesima should begin with bringing back the Lenten fast.