Wednesday, June 30, 2021


At today’s Wednesday audience, Pope Francis gave this throughly orthodox teaching:

Using the weak and sinful

Despite Paul’s checkered past, God chose to reveal His Risen Son to him, so that he might preach the Gospel to the Gentiles.

“How inscrutable are the ways of the Lord!” said the Pope. “We experience this every day, but especially if we think back to the times when the Lord called us.”

Pope Francis urged everyone never to forget the moment when Jesus entered our lives, keeping “fixed in our hearts and minds that encounter with grace, when God changed our existence.”

And he marveled at how often God makes use of sinners and the weak to manifest His will.

“And yet, none of this happens by chance, because everything has been prepared in God's plan. He weaves our history and, if we correspond with trust to His plan of salvation, we realize it.”

But just three days earlier in a non magisterial note to the ultra liberal Jesuit Father James Martin who would like same sex couples or any form of LGBTQF++++ groupings to be able to be married in the Church and become priests too:

On eve of LGBT Catholic conference, Pope Francis praised Fr. James Martin, SJ’s pro-LGBT ministry


Tom Marcus said...

The Church desperately needs a pope who emulates St. Pius X.

For now, we must settle for one who emulates Juan Peron.

Anonymous said...


What on EARTH is this meaning of this gibberish

Michael A said...

What is infuriating about this is that there are orthodox priests getting canceled and you have a man with his own agenda who encourages people into a life of sin and he gets a warm welcome at the Vatican. No more contributions from me for any diocesan organizations. Unless I know that the Bishop in my diocese can be trusted I would route all contributions to the FSSP and other legitimate Catholic groups.

rcg said...

The Holy Father says a lot of things that cause me to winder if he has the full picture.

Michael A said...

Father McDonald & Anonymous,
I see no gibberish in the idea that the most menacing thing about bad theology is that it deliberately leaves things open for interpretation so that it's possible to go either way, but in a state of uncertainty, confusion and division. Father’s comment is perfect for the situation. It does a good job of capturing the directions of Pope Francis, which are: "When you reach the fork in the road, take it."

What is clear is that the optics of a Pope sitting with a false teacher are not good and the picture is worth a thousand words. Francis knows the power of this image and it says he above all again associates himself with the modernist Church of Climate Change, Radical Feminism, LBGTQ and Anti-White Supremacy.

Chip said...

Not much nice I can say about that cat. He is two-faced, vindictive beyond belief, cannot control temper and has thrown fits on camera, plays both sides against the middle while clearly favorable to progressive agendas, and mainly majors in playing games.

Unstable, and far more serious progressives try to use him for own ends, to which he sometimes rebels. He is a plain bad pope and am not convinced he is playing with a full deck, but he certainly is cunning and a schemer.

The progressives wanted an unknown local yokel to use and they got one, but his being so unstable has been a challenge to them, and the Vatican and prelates crippled with fear. The best way of dealing with him seems to be in aping him, where everyone says one thing in yes-man mode while bloody well doing whatever it is they want, including robbing the Vatican blind.

Chip said...

My concern regarding him is that he certainly is cagey enough to realize he cannot simply overturn ancient teachings, so he often speaks orthodoxly, while doing whatever he wants. Which is better than a lot of the progresives who think they can officially simply directly contradict teachings held for thousands of years.

So the concern is as much over what would be issued in his name once he is mentally/physically incapacitated and this not immediately acknowledged by those who surround him. To me, he seems not far from going round the mental bend already, however, hot tempered folk, especially pudgy hot tempered folk, often die quite suddenly, so it remains a toss-up in the meanwhile in how this plays out.

And then I wonder how long it will take to undo the damage to the papacy, Vatican, and teachings after him and perhaps a successor or two. He has certainly done all he can to make sure this trend continues into the next papacy, and it may take a papacy or two for folk to realize it is a losing proposition in every way and enough band together to get the ship back on course, no matter who appointed them.

But, it is gonna be a while.

Chip said...

being unable to decipher the fairly clear intent of a compositional or typing error is nothing about which to brag.

jdj said...

“By the way, I find it interesting that there has been no real commentary by reputable Catholic news sources as to the implications of Pope Francis’ endorsement of Father James Martin’s LGBTQF+++ ministry which is heterodox in many ways and completely different than the Ministry of Courage.”

Exactly. Those of us who have been scandalized by this priest for years now, and are just trying to live authentic Catholic lives in accord with Church teaching (sometimes at risk of losing beloved family/friends’ respect), have ratcheted farther and farther away from paying attention to The Vatican or these “Catholic” news sources. And if our Diocesan Bishops and priests defer commentary, or worse support this scandalous witness, no surprise that we no longer support them in any way and will only seek and support authentic clergy.
God help us all.

Pierre said...

This whole LGBT thing is dangerous because the bulk of them have no intention of living chaste lives - if they were truly serious they would deal with their issues privately like heterosexuals do.

Mark Thomas said...

His Francis continues to defend and promote Holy Mother Church's wonderful message to those within the LBGTQ community who, through communion with Pope Francis, wish to love and obey Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis, in line with the True Church's teachings, calls LBGTQ folks to lead lives of holiness.

As our holy and great Culture of Life Pope stated to Father Martin: "And I pray for your faithful, your “parishioners,” and anyone whom the Lord places in your care, so that you protect them, and make them grow in the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ."

For Pope Francis, it is all about leading LBGTQ folks to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In 2019 A.D., Pope Francis reiterated the Church's message to said folks: That they are "children of God...That does not mean approving of homosexual acts, not in the least."

Deo gratias should Father James Martin, with God's help, in communion with Pope Francis, lead a person from the LBGTQ community into a loving, obedient relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Mark Thomas

Cardinal Sarah:

"The truth is that the Church is represented on earth by the Vicar of Christ, that is by the Pope. And whoever is against the Pope is, ipso facto, outside the Church."

Pierre said...

I wondered when Markbot would emerge with his cut and paste non sequiturs to the topic at hand

Paul said...

In reality, in any large city, there really is no such thing as an LGBTQ “COMMUNITY”. One might as well talk or write of the red haired “community” or the bipolar “community” or the herpes suffering “community” and so on.

Mark Thomas said...

Among the difficulties in dealing with the LGBTQ community is the issue of the homosexual lobby (or lobbies).

As Pope Francis said in 2013 A.D:

"So much is written about the gay lobby. I believe that when you are dealing with such a person, you must distinguish between the fact of a person being gay and the fact of someone forming a lobby, because not all lobbies are good. This one is not good."

The homosexual lobby (or lobbies)...pressure groups...have demonstrated the wisdom of Pope Francis' 2013 A.D. declaration that the homosexual lobby "is not good."

The homosexual lobby has responded favorably to Pope Francis' promotion of Church teaching that homosexuals are God's children.

That has been fine and dandy with the homosexual lobby.

However, the homosexual lobby has attacked Pope Francis for his having defended and promoted Church teaching in regard to same-sex unions, as well as homosexual acts.

The homosexual lobby does not want to hear that.

But that is where Father James Martin's ministry enters the picture.

As Pope Francis declared to Father Martin: "And I pray for your faithful, your “parishioners,” and anyone whom the Lord places in your care, so that you protect them, and make them grow in the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ."

Speaking humanly, homosexual lobbies are a lost cause.

However, as Pope Francis noted, Father Martin's “parishioners,” and anyone whom the Lord places in" Father Martin's care, are folks who will "grow in the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ."

Unlike his critics and haters, as well as Father Martin's critics and haters, Pope Francis has recognized the holy, powerful manner in which God has called Father Martin to lead LGBTQ folks into the Light.

With the aid of the Holy Ghost, Pope Francis is light-years ahead of the homosexual lobby.


Mark Thomas

Pierre said...

How much longer shall we suffer from MT’s mindless non sequiturs?

Pierre said...

Mark Thomas,

Please explain what Pope Francis has done to discipline clerics engaged in homosexual activity? Has he banned them from seminaries as ordered by St. John XXIII?