Wednesday, June 23, 2021


 I can't get the embedded code to post the actual video, so you have to view it at the Lifesite post:

WATCH: Priests at dissident meeting berate LifeSite reporter for questioning them on Church teaching


Chip said...

Given the reported stance of the AUSCP, on ordaining women, Catholic foster care using gay couples, gay marriage and etc etc etc, you do not think it past time for folk to ask them questions? Granted, Lifesite is often waaaay over the top, but still, why the sympathy for the priests unwise enough to take the bait, if their organizational stance as reported is true?

rcg said...

If I had to pick a side I would ask myself which person set himself up for the confrontation. The only guy out of type was the priest. Reporters are expected to be jerks.

Michael A said...

Why would you treat those "priests" any other way? The questions were sharp but not out of line. The reaction is the same one I always see when you confront liberals - hysteria and anger right away. They should be confronted more aggressively when they are making a mockery out of the Mass. What's the point about the coffee? I think he was implying that he was going to throw hot coffee in the reporter's face. That guy with the bad teeth looks like he needs some therapy.

St. John Vianney said...

I wonder if Father Bob Cushing and Archbishop Gregory John Hartmayer were in attendance at the AUSCP meeting. The aging, hippie priests came off as the jerks to me. They are so hellbent in the twisted ideologies that they have given up on the truths of the Church. It looks like they envisioned a “Church” of this world and not a supernatural, everlasting Church. What a pity! It seems they want to be social workers,or secular humanists rather than priests of the living God.

Tom Marcus said...

I hate to say it, but I have been seeing priests (not many--but a consistent few) act like this since the 1980's. If you DARE to so much as question what they are doing when it looks bad, they melt down and do so fast.

The reporter? Yes, he came off like a jerk too and was far too pushy and aggressive.

But here's the thing: Faithful (or at least TRYING-to-be-faithful) Catholics have been watching our priests and bishops embarrass us for years with their left wing activism, devotion to causes opposed to the Church and support of leftist politicians who either despise the Church or USE their identity as Catholics for election purposes, then continue to ignore the Church's demands on their lives. It's easy to understand that when you finally get a chance to ask one of these priests just what in the heck they are thinking, that you might get a bit emotional or all that pent-up frustration would start boiling over.

I'm not excusing the reporter, just noting that I understand his frustration.

The biggest shame is that so many priests have strayed down these anti-Church paths that even ASKING such questions would be necessary in the first place.

Mark Thomas said...

I believe that the most revealing thing in regard to almost any Lifesite News report is found in the report's comments box.

In a LifesiteNews comment box, no matter the report, one is certain to encounter hateful comments about the Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis...sorry, "Bergoglio," well as Vatican II/Novus Ordo.

In keeping with Lifesite, their followers delight in spewing venom at Pope Francis, as well Vatican II/Novus Ordo Mass.

In regard to the story about the Lifesite reporter's encounter with the priests in question, I gleaned the following from the story's comment box:

-- That it is a given that the priests who encountered the LifeSiteNews reporter are homosexuals.

-- That the "homosexual" priests in question are "Francis" priests.

-- "The pontiff is one of their own."

-- "I refuse to listen to this pope."

-- "Francis is not of Christ."

As compared to the above:

Cardinal Pell: "Francis said he’s a loyal son of the Church, and his record shows that. He’s a completely faithful exponent of Christ’s teaching and the Church’s tradition."


Mark Thomas

Marvellous Martina said...

Disgraceful behaviour and harassment by the Lifesite “reporter”!