Friday, June 4, 2021


From Crux, press title for bombshell article:

Citing institutional failures on sex abuse, Munich archbishop submits resignation

  • Inés San Martín

    Sound byte from the Crux article:

    Marx said that even though there are some in the Church who refuse to accept their shared responsibility for the sexual abuse crisis, he believes all aspects have to be considered: “Mistakes for which you are personally responsible, and the institutional failure which requires changes and a reform of the Church.”

    “We as bishops have to make clear that we also represent the institution of the Church as a whole,” he said.

    “A turning point out of this crisis is, in my opinion, only possible if we take a ‘synodal path’, a path which actually enables a ‘discernment of spirits,’ as you have repeatedly emphasized and reiterated in your letter to the Church in Germany,” Marx wrote.

    My questions: 

    Is Cardinal Marx supporting the schism the German Synodal process is causing, as well as the apostasy from the true faith? Is this a ploy to green light all that Germany is demanding in the most Germanic way possible and to hell with everyone else in the Church?

     Or, as is implied in the above sound byte, is the good Cardinal supporting Pope Francis' letter to the Germans calling them on the carpet for going it alone and without the Universal Church's approval.

    And to what extent or role did the publication of the new Canon Laws seeking prosecution of Catholics who promote and ordain women to Holy Orders and other abuses of children, teenagers and adults, have in the good Cardinal's decision? Could he be prosecuted by the Church in light of the new canon laws for his failures ?????

    Nonetheless, this is a bombshell for Pope Francis and Germany and  possibly for the Universal Church. 


Pierre said...

Glad to see him gone

Anonymous said...

Too bad none of the bishops in the US felt remorse over their actions or inactions as regards sex abuse or McCarrick. That a possible heretic in Germany has more shame than cardinal archbishops in the US says something. I’m not sure what it says, but it’s something.

Anonymous said...

Prior to World War II, the Roman Catholic Church in Germany was strong and faithful to Rome, After the war just like in the Netherlands another faithful Catholic minority country it all went downhill.

ByzRus said...

Anon @ 1:41 PM

You raise an interesting point. Some, who have live through traumatic circumstances, tend to not believe in things after coming out of that experience. I could be wrong, but, I believe cultural Judaism, in place of spiritual Judaism, really took hold after the war as well.

Anonymous said...

Auf wiedersehn Herr Kardinal. What a disaster for the German Church he was.

Tom Marcus said...

Like most trads, I believe eliminating these kinds of bishops are a step in the right direction.

However, contrary to the fictitious libels being spread on this site by some readers, I do not rejoice in his downfall or anyone else's.

A bishop is supposed to be not just a holy man, but a man holy enough to lead other holy men. He bears a tremendous burden and his accountability to God must be terrible in its scope. These are men who need our prayers, no matter how much they anger or disappoint us. Cardinal Marx and others of his ilk need our prayers. I support resignations and removals of these kinds of bishops. I do not support public vilification. They are still ordained and attacking the ordained or harming them, as I understand it, is sacrilege.

God have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

...and what a disaster for the Universal Church the German Church has been!

Православный физик said...

What good will the retirement be, if the next bishop appointed is a clone of Pope Francis. Lord Have Mercy.

Anonymous said...

Should,t the HF be the first to follow Cardinal Marx's example?

Anonymous said...

His resignation has been offered. Has it been accepted?

Anonymous said...

Don't you all understand that many many prelates around the world ARE Homosexuals themselves we are all adults here and we know very well that this is the truth! So of course many bishops sympathize with the LGBTQ community, of course I know what bishops are gay here in the U.S. past and present but I can't list them because Father would not publish them for which I understand he would be in trouble with his local ordinary, but you here must know who they were and currently are. I always find it ironic that we Traditionalists who adhere the tenants of the Roman Catholic faith are the ones with targets on our backs, yet if you support LGBTQ, women's ordination, abortion rights, social justice issues and other Left Wing causes you would be a hero in the eyes of the Church, this is the irony of ironies. The world is upside down where the police are the bad guys and BLM, ANTIFA are the good guys, this is the world we live in now, and America cannot survive this for much longer, the Left is pushing us up against a wall and when we cannot go any further we will hit back hard or its all over for the greatest nation God has ever created.

Anonymous said...

And they wonder why...

"...many many prelates around the world ARE Homosexuals..."

"...I know what bishops are gay here in the U.S. past and present but I can't list them..."

"...we Traditionalists who adhere the tenants of the Roman Catholic faith..."

(tenants: persons who occupies land or property rented from a landlord.)

"...America cannot survive this for much longer,..."

And THAT is just from ONE POST on this thread.....

Pierre said...

Anonymous K at 3:12 PM,

If the Church had adhered to Saint John XXIII's ban on admitting homosexuals to the seminary, we would not have many of these problems.

Anonymous said...

Paris Pete aka TJM 》 of course you can spot the gay guys from a mile away, can't you? You should hire yourself out to your local bishop so that the queers could be weeded out... How, one wonders, did you come by this exceptional ability?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous K,

In your case, I certainly can.