Saturday, November 10, 2018


The National Catholic Reporter, who should remove “Catholic” from their name because of their post heterodoxy is demanding that the bishops clean up their act.

The NCR in the 1970’s until this day was a liberal rag widely read by many, especially those of us in seminary formation. It was the go to paper for off the wall liberal priests and nuns.

This paper more than likely singlehandedly enabled thousands of priests and nuns to leave their orders or to live duplicitous lives. I think it enabled the cris we are experiencing when compromised priests, nuns and seminarians took their liberal creeds to their logical conclusion.

It’s over NCR!

Read their article through the lens of what they enabled and continue to enable:

Open letter to the US Catholic bishops: It's over


Victor said...

"It's over.

All the manipulations and contortions of the past 33 years, all the attempts to deflect and equivocate — all of it has brought the church, but especially you, to this moment."

They should complain. There have been plenty of overt manipulations and contortions in the past 33 years used against the liturgy, as well as in promoting financial corruption through donating Church funds to organisations which are at odds with Catholic doctrine. In all cases, the souls of the faithful were at stake. Why this moment?

Dan said...

It shows me just how bad things have become if NCR says enough.

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

I guess the Bishops and Cardinals themselves are just useful idiots....

Whodda thunki it?


God bless.

The Egyptian said...

I guess the Bishops and Cardinals sometimes are just idiotic.

there fixed it for you, Bee

Anonymous said...

Your go-to response when someone criticizes the Church on abuse is generally to attack the critic rather than respond to their distance. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Jack here...

CRUX reports from USCCB Fall meeting this morning: “Vatican asks US bishops for delay in responding to sex abuse crisis”

How long, O Lord, how long...