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The National Chismatic Reporter,  (NCR) perhaps the most notorious heterodox publication beginning in the late 1960's and responsible for so much dissident Catholic clergy, religious and laity (I'd put laity first, but they might object), laments through Fr. Thomas Reese that two bishops at the Bishops' attempt at synodality, condemned by Pope Francis, don't get it when it comes to the cause of the sex abuse scandal.

Read what Fr. Reese writes in full HERE and in part below:

On the other hand, some bishops, like Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix, continued to spout nonsense in blaming the abuse crisis on dissident theologians who objected to the church's ban on artificial contraception. 

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco called for a study of the relationship between homosexuality and sexual abuse.

Bishops were the problem, not theologians and gays!

Yes, ultimately the bishops are the blame, especially the Bishop of Rome and not just the current one, because the buck stops with them.

But heterodox, dissident theologians have been inviting Catholics of all kinds, especially the clergy and religious who follow them, to do your own thing. This led one prominent psychologist in the 1970's to write "Whatever Became of Sin?"

Yes, when people, lay, clergy or whatever,  think they can manipulate and change the Divine Law and ignore natural law, this is clericalism whether you are ordained or not! And everyone can be infected by it from the laity in the periphery to the pope in Rome. And attitudes formed from non-Christians sources corrupt everyone including the laity on the periphery and the pope in Rome and the bishops in union with him. 

Clerical attitudes are not fomented by monarchical trappings which are meant to point to the Divine Law Giver, Christ the King. Clerical attitudes are not formed by titles of respect, beautiful liturgy and clergy who take seriously the mandate to "teach, rule and sanctify." Abusive attitudes are not formed by believing that the call to priesthood and religious life is a higher calling  because answering that call to sacrifice is done so out of service to the truth not cooping the truth! Clerical attitudes believe that the human person is above the law, be it Divine Law, Natural Law or Civil Law rather than a servant of the law, Law!

Fr. Reese, the gig is up. You don't get it, do you?

Ever since the late 1960's but especially in the 1970's a homosexual subculture in seminaries, as well as priests and bishops who once tried to live celibacy decided that celibacy doesn't apply to them.  This too is a part of the dissident theologians who paved the way for this kind of acting out.

And yes, when bishops and priests who have religious authority are influenced not by God but by Satan, what do we expect?  

Fr. Reese, the gig is up. You don't get it, do you? 

But then, prior to Vatican II, bishops and priests normally saw sex acts with anyone of age or underage as sins and not crimes to be reported to law enforcement. Was this clericalism? Perhaps so. We need more historical knowledge of how most bishops handled clergy who broke their promises/vows of celibate chastity either with consent adults or vulnerable adults and the underage.  Somehow I don't think homosexual activity was a rampant then as now, but crude discipline bordering on sadism and masochism was rampant and encouraged under the guise of discipline.

And then there is the "Enablers Guide to Mercy" which has nothing to do with mercy or justice but simply helping men and women to feel good about their sinful lives. "I'm okay; you're okay" and much of this informs Pope Francis since His Holiness is enamored with the 1970's Church because of its closeness to the close of Vatican II.  

This enabling mercy caused many, many, many, many, no, all bishops to turn to psychiatry to fix the broken clerics in their midst and return them to ministry no matter how many relapses. 

It was in this period of the 1970's that alcoholics in  recovery programs became heroes and recovery programs became Utopias! And the bishops drunk the Koolaide! 

And yes, I have first hand experience with some of the more prominent psychiatrists  who informed bishops it was okay to return some men who abused children to ministry after therapy. However, they did recommend that parishes be informed and that we begin to view child molestation like being an alcoholic. These men needed to be in recovery programs and revered like alcoholics who commit to these recovery programs like AA. I KID YOU NOT!

And I asked the psychiatrist, but what about the children who are put in harm's way, those who had the potential to be abused? This was not even on the radar screen. The priest and keeping his vocation going was the goal, no matter what!

Yes, this is clericalism. But it is also immorality. It is also sin. It is also against natural law which reveals divine law. 

And when bishops think they are above Divine Law, Natural Law and Civil Law, you see how they harm the young and destroy the Church.

But fortunately, the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church and neither will NCR and its heterodox drivel.  

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TJM said...

One of the best comments I have seen on how individual bishops can respond to Rome's iniquities:

"To those bishops who read this posting: Man up. You are a bishop and a sovereign of your own diocese. You do not need a committee to tell you what to do and the Pope is your brother, not your employer. Your authority comes from Christ and you are His representative and no others. Being in fraternal communion does not entail being a toady."