Thursday, November 15, 2018


We have certainly lost our way, when someone who works in Vatican communications and is known to be close to the pope, represents the Vatican and the pope in this way. How is it that Catholics in 50 short years have lost our identity? Do we blame Vatican II? I am coming to the conclusion that yes, we must.

By the way, "Che bella famigilia cristiana!" is a sarcastic way of saying in a positive way, but meant to be ultra negative, that Vigano's family situation is quite ugly. Is that appropriate for this Vatican Insider who works for the pope to write about an archbishop of the Church?


TJM said...

because "liberals" are generally nasty and engage in massive projection accusing others of exhibiting their behavior

Dan said...

After a lifetime of devotion to the Catholic Church, I am getting to the point of contempt and disgust. I consider the possibility that Francis has not changed anything except for removing the "blinders" from my eyes.


rcg said...

The charge of hypocrisy is the most lethal to the psyche of a liberal. That is why they eagerly toss away nominal values such as chastity to avoid confronting an indescretion. Better to be consistent in your sin than accused of hypocrisy. Even if Vigano’s Family were all mobsters it does not mean what he has said is not true.

Anonymous said...

Look at the comments on this very blog from the "conservatives" and you will find more than enough nastiness.

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald said..."How is it that Catholics in 50 short years have lost our identity? Do we blame Vatican II? I am coming to the conclusion that yes, we must."

Father, the men in the photo disagree with that conclusion. That applies in major fashion to Cardinal Ratzinger, who at the end of his reign as Pope, heaped praise upon Vatican II.

He insisted that Vatican II, "with its power of the Holy Spirit," will renew the Church.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Rosica, well since Archbishop Vigano isn't having sex with men like some of your Vatican buddies, I see no reason why he cannot say Mass. Rosica sounds like a sick, nasty piece of work.

Paul McCarthy said...


Start by stop talking about reform of the reforms, which are nothing bu the handy work of Satan the father of all lies. I was born in 1965, which in my opinion was the worse year in church history. In centuries past we survived similar disasters because we had shepherds that stood between us and Satan lies and a laity that had faith like which is rarely seen before. Vatican II was about destroying the church and as George W Bush once said, mission accomplished.

Our Lord’s return is the only thing that will save his church as I have zero faith in heretical popes and bishops who speak more like gutless politicians then shepherds of our lord’s flock.

Remind the bishop that the floor of hell is lined with the skulls of bishops.

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

I haven't read the background on this, but a couple of brothers "disagreeing" over the management of a fortune is not unusual at all. And to assume because a judge ruled that one brother who was managing the estate has to divide the money and maybe restore some to the other is not necessarily an indication that the managing brother was dishonest.

So to read the snarky remark of one Father Thomas Rosica is just more proof to me that many of our clerics have lost the Faith, and do not even attempt to practice virtue. Such a shame.

Who wants to follow such shepherds?

God bless.