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 (Also, the Vatican Insider has a great disdain for the American Bishops who supported Vigano and it makes one wonder if the pope doesn't also feel the same especially about Cardinal DiNardo kept in the dark until the day before the Bishops' meeting about Pope Francis ordering that no votes be taken on the sex abuse scandals. Cardinal Cupich seem to know, though and perhaps Cardinal Tobin.)

Former Nuncio Viganò sentenced to pay compensation to his brother

The sentence of the Court of Milan: the accuser of the Pope will have to return to his brother Don Lorenzo one million and 800 thousand euros

Carlo Maria Viganò

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Carlo Maria Viganò, the former apostolic nuncio to the United States who, at the end of August was the protagonist of a sensational political-media operation against Pope Francis, culminating in the publication of a pamphlet asking for the resignation of the Pontiff, has lost the civil lawsuit that saw him opposed to his brother priest for the management of a conspicuous family inheritance. A judgment of the fourth section of the Civil Court of Milan last October sentenced him in fact to compensate Don Lorenzo Viganò for one million and 800 thousand euros, along with interest and court costs.

Archbishop Carlo Maria and his brother Don Lorenzo, a scholar of Mesopotamian civilization, jointly held their substantial family assets, which in 2010 included real estate for an estimated value of about 20 million euros plus a significant cash sum of more than six million euros. The inheritance had always been managed by archbishop Viganò, for a long time Delegate for the papal representations, then secretary of the Vatican Governorate and finally apostolic nuncio to Washington after breaking off relations with the Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone and with Pope Benedict XVI himself.  

The former nuncio, according to the sentence, had continued to receive the real estate revenues and the cash availability, obtaining a total of “transactions for a net amount of 3,649,866.25 euros”. Half of this amount will now have to be paid to his brother Don Lorenzo. The priest was sued by the archbishop on the eve of Vatileaks, when Viganò tried to remain in the Vatican by writing to Benedict XVI that he could not take up the post of apostolic nuncio to the United States because of the illness of his brother whom he had to take care of.

It’s true that Don Lorenzo Viganò, resident in Chicago, had been struck by a stroke that forced him to use a wheelchair, yet it’s not true that his brother Vigano’s mission to the US would have prevented him from taking care of him. In fact, it would have brought them closer. It had emerged at that time that the relationship between the two brothers was compromised precisely because of issues related to the management of the inheritance. Don Lorenzo had already sued Carlo Maria in 2010. In recent weeks the civil court reached its first sentence on the case.

As you will remember, on 26 August last Carlo Maria Viganò published, thanks to the anti-papal political-media circuit based in the United States and Italy, a testimony with accusations (and significant omissis) against Francis over the case of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, archbishop emeritus of Washington and molester of seminarians. The prelate, repeatedly promoted from the ’eighties to 2000, was heavily sanctioned by Pope Bergoglio - who took away his purple hat with a measure that had not happened in the Catholic Church for 91 years - when - for the first time - a credible accusation of historical child abuse emerged against the almost ninety-year-old former cardinal.

Viganò, supported by several American bishops, has carved out a leading role in recent weeks, arriving two days ago to sign a message to all the participants in the meeting of the United States Episcopal Conference to ask them to resist the Pope.


John Nolan said...

The atmosphere in the Vatican is toxic, and has been so for a number of years. Pope Francis is chiefly responsible for this, and his loyal lieutenants Rosica, Spadaro and Fernandez make no bones about where they think this papacy is heading; rigged Synods merely show that most of the bishops are weak, pusillanimous and vacillating.

One problem with elective monarchies (and the papacy is the last example) is that there is no heir to the throne around whom the opposition can coalesce. PF may be succeeded by a clone such as Tagle, or by a 'safe' centre-right figure. He will certainly not be succeeded by the likes of Burke, Sarah or Ranjith.

We just have to live with it and keep the faith (and real liturgy). The post-V2 Church is not going to evangelize anyone. Even in Africa and Asia, where MT claims the Church is 'booming', it is not making converts. Both Protestantism and Islam do much better in this regard.

TJM said...

John Nolan,

Alas, your assessment is spot on. I see it in my own family, most of whom could give a tinker's damn about the Church anymore. I blame Church leadership following Vatican Disaster II. They can't inspire, lead, or teach. And the typical Sunday "Liturgy" is bland, banal, and a real snorer. One would have to be totally devoid of aesthetics and taste to get through one. Fortunately the tide is on the side of tradition. When I am at the EF, I am generally the oldest person present. Other than priests like Father McDonald, most clergy are delusional and totally detached from reality. They are like the French aristocrats who could not fathom the Revolution until they were placed into the trumbril on the way to the guillotine.

Anonymous said...

"I blame Church leadership following Vatican Disaster II."

Since Adam and Eve the desire to blame someone else has been one of the biggest problems we have faced. "Blame the women! She gave me the apple!" "Blame the serpent, he tempted me!"

That desire for a scapegoat has led to some of the most horrific tragedies of human existence, among the most recent being the Holocaust.

In the person of Jesus Christ, the scapegoating mechanism was broken. He, the innocent victim, God-made-man, took on our sins and set us free from the yoke of sin.

Too many, however, disregard that saving grace.

TJM said...

Anonymous K,

Thanks for the apples and orange comparison, it was good for a laugh. Please let me know which lay people authorized the changes to the Liturgy and "different" approach to teaching (or lack thereof) of the Faith. As a layman, I reject your premise because it is not based on reality.

Mark Thomas said...

John Nolan said..."Even in Africa and Asia, where MT claims the Church is 'booming', it is not making converts."

Please support the above claim. In the In the meantime, the following article from the Wall Street Journal shatters your claim in question:

(Note: Todd Johnson is the director of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.)

Sub-Saharan Africa: Race For Recruits

"Though the church since Vatican II has disavowed proselytism in its missionary work, Catholicism (like Islam) in Africa has attracted millions of new adherents over the last generation — sometimes winning over entire tribes from traditional African religions, says Mr. Johnson."

In recent years, coverts have flooded the True Church throughout Africa and Asia.

The "Novus Ordo" Church throughout Africa and Asia is booming.

Conversions...packed Masses...packed seminaries...

Deo gratias.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

The changes in the liturgy were authorized by the Church hierarchy, the pope and bishops in communion with him.

Mark Thomas said...

John Nolan said..."The post-V2 Church is not going to evangelize anyone. Even in Africa and Asia, where MT claims the Church is 'booming', it is not making converts."

Mongolia, Sweden and Algeria: the unlikely centres of Catholic conversion

Michael Davis 29 March, 2018


“We are in a time of the first ever mass conversions of Muslims,” Father Mitch Pacwa SJ told me in a phone interview. “God is doing a mighty work among them.”


Church's witness in South Korea has converted many, bishop says


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald-permitting, another for Mr. Nolan:

-- Pope Francis clearing new path for Christianity in Asia

"...steady growth in conversions to Christianity, especially in South Korea, Vietnam, India and China.

"In Vietnam alone, where religion was suppressed after reunification, the Catholic population has tripled in the past 40 years to reach 6.8 million."

There are conversions, conversions, conversions to Catholicism throughout Africa and Asia.

However, Mr. Nolan has assured us that such isn't the case.

Sorry, Mr. Nolan. You are wrong.

Deo gratias for the booming Catholic Church throughout Africa and Asia.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...


LOL, you realize this is an Anglican sponsored organization. Ergo, probably left-wing, left-wing, left-wing propaganda. FYI, the Anglican Communion is shrinking at a faster pace than other sects because it is left-wing, left-wing, left-wing.

You should be better prepared than this when you challenge John Nolan. Keep in mind that Africa is extremely poor, hence the "growth" ( we used to call them "rice Christians" in China) is likely resulting from economic circumstances rather than spiritual awakening. During the Great Depression in the US seminaries and convents were filled to overflowing. Don't get too excited. The Novus Ordo lacks soul and eventually will succeed in emptying out the Churches which began with the initial "reforms" of the Mass stemming from Vatican Disaster II. Were you around then? I was and you don't know what you are talking about most of the time.

TJM said...

Hey MT,

Since you are an expert on the Church in Africa, you should consider giving the Novus Ordo credit for this:

Although Catholic priestly vow of celibacy is a general challenge for all priests in the Catholic Church, for instance because of cultural expectations for a man to have a family, Africa presents particular problems in the subject. Early in the 21st century, as celibacy continued to come under question, Africa was cited as a region where the violation of celibacy is particularly rampant. Priests on the continent were accused of taking wives and concubines. Isolation of priests working in rural Africa, and the low status of women, is said to add to the temptation. A breakaway sect of married previously Catholic priests in Uganda, called the Catholic Apostolic National Church, formed in 2010 following the excommunication of a married priest by Pope Benedict XVI.[16]

Dan said...

TJM, of course the priests in Africa have one or more "wives." This is after all the Church of "affirmation" "accompianment" and ethical relativism. You've got to get with it man.

TJM said...


Notice how MT scurries away when he is caught making a preposterous proposition. He really should give credit, where credit it due!