Thursday, November 22, 2018


The Idaho potato visits the Vatican as two of the faithful take selfies with the pope’s potato 🥔 for Thanksgiving! You saw it first here folks. Happy Thanksgiving!

Big Idaho Potato

Vatican pilgrims take selfies with The Pope’s potato for Thanksgiving:


rcg said...

Boise, Idaho is (was) the home of J. R. Simplot, potatoe farmer who dropped out of school about 13 years old to farm potatoes. He made his fortune selling potatoes to up and coming restaurant chains, such as McDonald’s (no relation) and amassed a multibillion dollar fortune. He plowed his money into his home town enabeling them to expand the local college and university. His home is visible from Boise by at least fifteen miles as it sits atop a mountain in the Rockies marked by an American flag that is about an acre in square area.

Anonymous said...

Thats funny. Good one.

Carol H. said...

A Happy Thanksgiving to you, Fr McDonald, and to all of your blog readers!