Sunday, November 18, 2018


A few months ago I got a scoop, which has happened a few times in my history of blogging. What was that scooped. An embargoed release from the USCCB on a proposed way forward in the abuse scandal causing bishops and the USCCB to go up in flames.

The Diocese of Raleigh had inadvertently post it on its website and I saw it through Rocco Plama’s Tweet. But the next thing I know, it disappears from Rocco’s blog. So I copied and pasted it from Raleigh’s site to mine. Then the next I see is Raleigh takes it down from its website.

I kept the embargoed proposal on mine.

This is what John Allen says about my right to do so. This is from this morning’s Crux:

In a nutshell: If you get a document from an official source and that source imposes an embargo, you’re ethically obliged to uphold it; if you get it someplace else and that source doesn’t ask for a delay, there’s no such duty. Magister clearly got his copy through non-official channels, since L’Espresso published before the Vatican Press Office had distributed copies under embargo to reporters, so there’s no way he could have violated their embargo.

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