Friday, November 16, 2018


Fr. Raymond de Souza believes that faithful conservative, traditional Catholics are the ones complaining  the loudest about the Magisterium’s grotesque mismanagement of sexually active priests, especially those who are attracted to children and teenagers. But they are becoming more faithful while the progressives and lukewarm are turning away or want to completely reimagine the Church as in a new neo- Protestantism.

He also states the obvious, Cardinal Cupich is Pope Francis’ pet and the defacto  head of the American bishops, something that Cupich obnoxiously rubbed into the faces of his brother bishops. We all know what teacher’s pets are like.

You can read de Souza’s article at the Register HERE. The following is an excerpt. DISCUSS!

New Dynamics

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) and other victim groups conducted protests at the meeting, but they were rather small affairs.

The most vigorous and numerous protest was organized by Church Militant, whose leader, Michael Voris, excoriates the bishops for tolerance of both heterodoxy and homosexuality. That the fiercest protest would be coming from the self-consciously conservative as opposed to the self-consciously liberal is a new dynamic.

Several bishops acknowledged just that in their interventions. It is the most faithful Catholics who are the most hurt and the most angry.

“The faithful are becoming more faithful,” said Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix. “The others are turning away.”


TJM said...

well I hope Cupich can find the money he has lost from many of us faithful Catholics in Chicago. Perhaps the DNC will cough up since he supports their agenda

Anonymous said...

This observation is right on the money. That is why the Church will become much smaller in the coming years. The positive aspect is it will become much more faithful as well, as predicted by Benedict XVI, the Pope.