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BREAKING: Abp. Viganò urges U.S. bishops to confront sex abuse as ‘courageous shepherds’

ROME, November 13, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò today has issued a brief note to the U.S. Bishops, urging them to confront sex abuse as “courageous shepherds” rather than “frightened sheep.”
The U.S. Bishops are currently in Baltimore at their much-anticipated fall annual meeting at which they were expected to vote on concrete proposals to hold bishops accountable for their failures after the revelations about former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.
The message from Archbishop Viganò, who served as U.S. Nuncio from October 2011 until April 2016, comes one day after the Vatican insistedthat U.S. Bishops not vote at their fall assembly on two action items to prevent sexual abuse coverup: standards of accountability for bishops and the special commission for receiving complaints against bishops.
Here below we publish the official English text of Archbishop Viganò’s message to U.S. Bishops, dated November 13.
Dear Brother Bishops in the US,
I am writing to remind you of the sacred mandate you were given on the day of your episcopal ordination: to lead the flock to Christ. Meditate on Proverbs 9:10: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom! Do not behave like frightened sheep, but as courageous shepherds. Do not be afraid of standing up and doing the right thing for the victims, for the faithful and for your own salvation. The Lord will render to every one of us according to our actions and omissions.
I am fasting and praying for you.
Arch. Carlo Maria Viganò
Your former Apostolic Nuncio


TJM said...

I'm surprised the gay mafia at the Vatican hasn't offed the Archbishop yet. Pope Francis, completing the job of destroying the Church's credibility begun by Vatican Disaster II.

Anonymous said...

It is plain now that Archbishop Vigano is desperately seeking media attention.

He knows perfectly well why the Holy See required the postponement of the USCCB's vote, yet he publicizes his "reminder" to the American bishops as if there were some sinister motivation behind the move.

TJM said...

Anonyous K,

I go with sinister because I no longer trust the Holy See. How about them apples?

Dan said...

Anonymous, please tell us why the Vatican REQUIRED the postponement of the USCCB vote. I'm confused because I thought Francis wanted more synodality.

Anonymous said...

Dan, disciplining bishops is reserved to the Holy See.* The Holy Father has already called the presidents of the world's bishops' conferences to Rome for a summit in February to address the sex abuse crisis.

I suspect he wants the response to be more universal. It has also been suggested that the USCCB is not unified enough to address the crisis.

*Also, there appear to be aspects of the USCCB's proposal that are not in line with current canon law.

TJM said...


LOL - universality, really? What about subsidiarity? Just another smokescreen of Santita!

johnnyc said...

Archbishop Vigano ain't going away. The Vatican mostly deals with guys who have material aspirations so they easily control. Here they are dealing with someone who has nothing to lose but his soul.

Dan said...

Huh... I wonder why the Francis Vatican hasn't done anything to discipline the bishops of Germany, or ensure universal guidelines for reception of the Eucharist by non-Catholics?

Anonymous said...

How about we keep it simple and see the big picture and confront collective denial.
It was only in the post Vat 2 era I believe where 4 young priests at a Catholic Cathedral could be kindly referred to as the "Spice Girls".
This was not bought about by Vat 2 as much as the stupidity not malice of cowardly caving in to 1960s and 1970s values of Western not universal values.
So called traditionalists are accused of wanting to live mentally in the 1950s or even the 19th century; their mistakes are far less than those trapped in the silly happy clappy 1970s era ......

60's Survivor said...

It's pretty clear who anonymous is: The same sanctimonious apologist for modernism and a weak Church who's been trolling this blog for some time now. His name is not even worth mentioning and his ridiculous assertions are not worth responding to.

Anonymous said...

The "ridiculous assertions" regarding the Holy See's motivation aren't mine.

Also, there nothing "ridiculous" about noting that canon law reserves disciplining bishops to the Holy See, that the Holy Father has called presidents of bishops' conferences to a February meeting to address abuse, or that he, and others, think a universal response is preferable to a country by country or region by region response.

These are just the facts.

Mark Thomas said...

New book throws light on Viganò and McCarrick


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Tablet = Bitter Pill, not a credible source. They are the British version of the National Anti-Catholic Reporter