Thursday, April 10, 2014


MY COMMENT FIRST: At the end of his letter Bishop Jugis writes: " Even when we disagree, that disagreement should be expressed respectfully in love." While I delete many negative, hateful, uncharitable comments, others that are borderline, sophomoric or just plain juvenile get through. Remember what sister taught us about mortal sin and its consequences, especially those mortal sins against charity when commenting here!
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The past few weeks have been very difficult for Charlotte Catholic High School. We have all experienced a great deal of pain. During this difficult time I want to express my support and encouragement for all the parents, students, staff and faculty at the high school. We must move forward toward healing with charity, the hallmark of our Christian life.

Different viewpoints regarding Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel’s presentation to students on March 21, 2014, have been discussed in a variety of venues.

At the parent meeting on April 2, 2014, many expressed concern about the lack of advanced communication with parents regarding the subject matter of the assembly. Apologies were made at the meeting for that lack of advanced communication.

The content of the Church’s moral teaching was not raised as a matter of contention at the parent meeting. All of our Catholic schools are committed to hold and teach the Catholic faith in its fullness and with integrity. The Catechism of the Catholic Church contains an explanation of our faith and is accessible to all.

During this difficult time I support the continued work of Fr. Matthew Kauth, the chaplain; Mrs. Angela Montague and Mr. Steve Carpenter, the assistant principals; and Mr. Randy Belk, the dean of students; and all they are doing for our Charlotte Catholic High School students. All of us are indebted to them.

I am shocked to hear the disturbing reports of a lack of charity and respect at the parents’ meeting, and outside the meeting in conversations and in social media. There simply is no room in the Catholic Church for such displays of uncharitableness and disrespect. If we have failed in this regard let us make amends to God and neighbor. Even when we disagree, that disagreement should be expressed respectfully in love.

We ask the Lord Jesus Christ for His mercy and His healing as we approach the celebrations of Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter Sunday of the Lord’s Resurrection. Please be assured of our continued dedication to the mission to teach and live the truth of the Catholic faith at our Charlotte Catholic High School.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Peter J. Jugis
Bishop of Charlotte


Anonymous said...

Could that bishop be any more spineless. That letter does not defend that poor, helpless nun at all. She was thrown under the bus as all faithful Catholics usually are. "Apologies were made..." really. Apologies for what, teaching the Catholic Faith. If those people do not believe the teachings of the Church then they should stop identifying themselves as Catholic and leave. As usual another bishop without a spine. And how many days was he silent and allowed the arrows to fly at that nun? He isn't exactly another John Fisher.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - You seem to have access to what Sister Jane said, since you know that what she said in her presentation was only "teaching the Catholic Faith."

Would you care to share your source for Sr. Jane's presentation?

Rood Screen said...

I know the faithful Catholics associated with this high school will appreciate their bishop's thoughtful words. He acknowledges a lack of communication with parents, defends Church teaching without ambiguity, insists upon charitable speech among members of his flock, and encourages prayers for mercy. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear it's ALWAYS the traditionally minded Catholic who is persecuted by these bishops.

Sister has been silenced and removed, apologies were made.

Remember the priest who denied communion to the non believing, practicing Buddist, lesbian "couple" after they went to the priest and identified themselves as such. Within hours the diocese apologized and that priest removed.

Remember the priest in Texas who said homosexual acts were wrong and sinful, he was removed and silenced by the bishop.

But yet the LCWR is still promoting garbage, the Jesuits still promote gay "marriage" and nothing is done. The National Catholic Reporter is allowed to call themselves Catholic, nothing is done. Cardinals say "bravo" to someone practicing an openly sinful life and nothing is done. Another cardinal honors a man who helped make abortion accepted as moral, and nothing happens.

Yet Cardinal Burke speaks the truth bout the Faith and is removed and demoted.

Cardinal Kasper who wants the Church to say people living an objectively immoral life can receive communion, he is praised. Get the picture. Is it clear.

GenXBen said...

I understand Anon @9:54's concern, but it should be noted that the Church, under Francis, also excommunicated Fr Greg Reynolds, who supported women's ordination, and exiled Fr Jerry Zawada for the same reason. Of course Anon's post failed to mention FFI on the conservative side.

Cardinal Burke was not really demoted. He has, in fact, still been very vocal about the issues that matter to him and all of us.

Pope Francis may not be a fire-breathing tub thumping conservative, but it's incorrect to say he is only cracking down on one group of people.

Aninymous 2 said...

Oh Bernard, really. Please stop trying to be reasonable, fair, and balanced. It spoils all the fun. Believe me, I know.

A Ninny Mouse 2 said...

I think I just inadvertently misspelled my identifier as Aninimous 2.

So, before anyone else suggests it (Gene?), from now on (or at least just for today) I will be known as A Ninny Mouse. =)