Friday, November 3, 2023


Larry Chapp in an article I link below, piles it onto Pope Francis who Chapp thinks hasn’t lost his mind but is now, with Benedict XVI gone from the Vatican, showing His Holiness true mind. Chapp, though and ironically states the truth that the current progressive regime in the Vatican despised both Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI and has been settling scores since Benedict’s abdication (or was it?).

New papal document reads like a conclusion in search of an argument

When the new Motu proprio, titled Ad theologiam promovendam, is read through the lens of current theological debates, it’s clear that it privileges the long sought after dream of progressive theologians.

Another Italian blog decries that Pope Francis’ liturgies are nothing to see as an example for parishes, completely 1970’s in style, but just plain ugly in its plainness, especially vestments, which hearken back to the “bad” Marini’s era. It also points out that Pope Francis doesn’t celebrate Mass anymore, he simply “presides” in a cope. But at the All Souls’ Mass in a Roman cemetery, Pope Francis wore a chasable, for the first time in a while, but concelebrated with his new MC, who is a bishop, and who was the main celebrant. Pope Francis stood to the side. Very peculiar to say the least. 

And as of this past Sunday, the central cross on the altar, so desired by Pope Benedict XVI, for the entire Church, has been canceled along with his Holiness, Benedict as well as John Paul II. The arrangement at the Altar of the Chair is exactly what the “bad” Marini had for the main altar during JPII’s papacy. 

But this is my point. Larry Chapp rightly says that progressives during the papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI despised them. Since Pope Francis was elected, perhaps the most radically progressive pope in the history of the papacy, scores are settled and a backwardness to the time before these two popes has been and is the agenda.

But those of us who are crassly described as traditionalists or desiring to conserve the true Faith and Morals of the Church, referred to as “conservative” should not put our criticism of Pope Francis and his cohorts by following the progressive, heterodox who did it to JPII and Benedict XVI. Often the traditionalists’ criticisms are on steroids compared to the heterodoxes’ criticism.

That must not be the case. Otherwise, criticism of the pope and papacies becomes a vicious circle and a dead end. 

On top of that, patience is a virtue. The progressives waited to get even with JPII and Benedict XVI ever since 1978 until 2013! The orthodox can wait just as long and they will have their day again. Sanity will return to the Church. We just have to be patient. And keep in mind, there are far more JPII and Benedict XVI priests, bishops and theologians today, compared to the number of dying heterodox we have today. 

I will no longer criticize the pope, although I am not sure about his cohorts, I might still critique them. 

Let’s set the example of loving the papacy and tolerating a particular pope, especially in the last days of a particular pope’s papacy. 


Anonymous said...


At least the altar arrangement wasn't the two-oil-candles-on-one-side-and-potted-plant-on-the-other that is so strangely popular in Italy. Asymmetry--that's what the Church is all about now!

Also, very, very strange to have a pope not be the principal celebrant of a Mass. I have never heard of a bishop in a diocese acting as a concelebrant with one of his subjects. Humble, humble, humble?


rcg said...

I will have to read this new document and ask some theologians and scholars about it. Honestly, the initial description of it sounded like another call to committee. But I have learned the last ten years to distrust the media summaries and to some extent the summaries out of the Vatican. It is not clear what our Pope wants or expects in anything he does. He seems troubled by this recurring problem but doesn’t seem to understand his role in clarifying the initial instruction. As it stands, the document sounded like I was going to invite the passengers forward to fly the plane for a bit and give their input. As my physics professor told one hapless student, “you can’t do the work I’m giving you now, how can you expect to improve your grade with extra work?”