Thursday, November 30, 2023


All the rancor in the Church, especially toward the pope by high and low prelates, clergy, religious and laity is, to be frank, (no pun intended) unsavory and sickening. 

Stridently orthodox Catholics, although heterodox in their criticism of the pope, are defenestrated but the entire German Church and their high prelates who are heterodox, approve public, marital type, blessings of those in immoral sexual unions, goes with merely a slap on the wrist and usually because they are moving faster to heterodoxy than the papal synodal way. They are getting ahead of it. 

But that Pope Francis would communicate to a left-leaning reporter a clarifying remark on his defenestration of Burke, that the pope did not call him an enemy of his, is just plain untoward! It contributes to the gossip about Burke, and at this point it is just gossip, since the pope has not said officially through official channels what the pope has done to Burke. It is all gossip and appears to be intended gossip by the pope. The duplicity is that Pope Francis has condemned gossip over and over again while enabling it and using it himself!

But here is a good commentary on another papal mess sure to polarize the Church and the hierarchy even more than what Pope Francis has already accomplished:

Why comparisons between Pope’s moves on Strickland, Burke fall flat

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Mark Thomas said...

I just watched the following from Michael Lofton (Reason & Theology):

Pope Francis, thank you for having dealt finally with Cardinal Burke attacks against Church unity. Despite his serious mistakes in question, I do not believe that Cardinal Burke hates Pope Francis.

I am hopeful that Cardinal Burke, in humble fashion, will recognize his serious missteps in question. I pray that he accepts correction from the Vicar of Christ. I hope that Cardinal Burke transforms into a helpful, positive force for Pope Francis.


At the video's 21:20 mark, Mister Lofton noted that he has friends who know Cardinal Burke. His friends have spoken well of Cardinal Burke. Michael Lofton has accepted that testimony.

Michael Lofton also noted that Pope Francis, as well as Cardinal Burke, are not enemies of each other.

At the 21:20 mark, after having offered some positive thoughts in regard to Cardinal Burke, Mister Lofton documented the numerous examples of Cardinal Burke having dissented from Pope Francis' Magisterial teachings.

Michael Lofton does not have an axe to grind against Cardinal Burke. Michael Lofton presents himself in calm, holy fashion. It is just unfortunate that Cardinal Burke has, time and again, spoken against the Magisterium.

Nevertheless, may Cardinal Burke accept in humble fashion the correction that will transform him into a powerful holy force for the Church.


Mark Thomas