Wednesday, November 22, 2023


 This was seen at the papal Mass last Sunday! What will be seen the next time, though?????

- The striking detail for this Mass is the return of the Crucifix in the Altar. No Processional Cross on the side or anything. It is said Italian Catholic forum members that this might be part of an "ad experimentum" by Abp. Ravelli.

May I say to Abp. Ravelli that we have had enough liturgical experimentation since 1964 and to cut it out and follow Pope Benedict’s exquisite liturgical theology!!!!!


Unknown said...

Glad to see Christ back at the center--is it usual to have the candles forming diagonal lines way off to the side? In any event, way better than the usual Italian altar arrangement, which typically entails a potted plant on one corner and two short, fat (sometimes oil) candles on the other. Asymmetry was all the rage in the '60s and '70s, I hear, so it's surprising that the Italians are so backwardist about that.

But I disagree on what is most significant about the pictures you posted... The most striking detail is that there isn't a pope at the altar for a papal Mass (unless my weak eyes deceive me).


Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I am puzzled too that Pope Francis does not celebrate the Mass any longer, but “Presides” meaning he wears a cope and technically should participate in the Mass without concelebrating. He would receive Holy Communion as a lay person would.

Pope John Paul II had a wheel chair devise that got him up the steps of the altar and then raised him so he could celebrate the Mass while seated. JPII was in far worse physical health than Pope Francis is.

That Francis isn’t the celebrant for papal Masses is a mystery given what is possible for a “crippled” priest to celebrate Mass while seated.

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald, the following is related to liturgy...I hope not too far off this thread's topic:

That link features several photographs of Superior General, Very Rev. Joshua Caswell, SJC, with Pope Francis.

-- Pope Francis Gives Blessing to Canons Regular

"On November 15, 2023, our Superior General, Very Rev. Joshua Caswell, SJC, was able to informally greet Pope Francis after the Wednesday General Audience."

"Fr. Caswell was able to have a short conversation about the charism of the Canons Regular and present a copy of the Constitutions of the Canons Regular."

"Pope Francis, on receiving the document gave his "thumbs up" and said in English "Yes, Go for it."

"The Holy Father also imparted his Apostolic Blessing to all members of the community."


Mark Thomas

Drew said...

At the end of the day, isn’t this just emblematic of the Church currently? Evidently there’s nothing fixed, just rearrange things as your conscience dictates.

In some ways, it ties in with the issue of modernism in the Church as this recent article of The Catholic Thing discusses.