Friday, November 3, 2023


 Last penitential Friday, friends took me to Chez Georges French Restaurant on the Island (Hilton Head for those not in the know). I had Skate which is stingray! Absolutely fabulous , mild, tender and no bones. Stingrays are plentiful here and in the shallows. Many while fishing catch them by accident, but they are clueless or don’t know how great they are to eat! I think I can compare it to flounder or Grouper in taste and texture. Try it. I did not know that Skate is Stingray. I guess they changed the name because people o are stingrayphobic? You know, they changed the name of Dolphinfish (not the porpoise, which isn’t a fish, but a mammal) to Mahi-Mahi so people wouldn’t think they were eating Flipper! 


TJM said...

Skate is my wife's favorite seafood! Mon Ami Gabi in Chicago serves it regularly.

rcg said...

Like shark? I’ll need to try some.

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald, do you sometimes catch the fish, or various types of seafood, that you eat?


Mark Thomas

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

No, I don’t fish, but I do love seafood. I do love to go into the ocean to play around. Fish bump into me; I’ve been stung by jellyfish and in the hottest part of the summer, stingrays galore are close to the beach in the shallows and you can see them. While they are not aggressive, they do have a barb halfway up their tail. If by accident you step on the barb, you will get a nasty sting requiring medical attention, especially if the barb embeds in the skin. The same is true if you step on one, their tail comes up and the barb can strike you lower leg sometimes with the barb remaining in the skin. If not treated, you can get a nasty infection. I have seen people who were stung, and they can hardly walk to get treatment.

And of course there are sharks!

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald, I am glad that you have enjoyed the ocean. God has blessed you, His holy priest, with a dwelling place that you have enjoyed.

Father McDonald, you provide us with a look into your interesting life. You remind me of Jack Paar. He shared his interesting life with his viewers. You share your interesting life with your readers.

He was a compelling television personality. You are a compelling blogger.


Mark Thomas

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Skates and stingrays, both rays, are related, belonging to the same class, Chondrichthyes, but after that they diverge.

You can eat stingray as well as skate, with the latter being a bit more expensive usually.