Saturday, November 25, 2023


The above photo is the Vatican News photo, a caricature?

 I wonder if this illness is due to the stress caused by the interview given by a female ex-Vatican employee I post below this post? At any rate, continue to pray for the pope who has had a bad week with Argentina, Germany, Israel, Gaza, Ukraine and the Vatican:

Pope cancels Saturday's scheduled audiences due to slight flu

Pope Francis has cancelled his audiences scheduled for Saturday due to a slight flu, according to the Holy See Press Office.

Crux raises the alarm after Vatican report:

Citing flu, Pope cancels audiences after scan to rule out pneumonia

DENVER – In the latest health scare for a pontiff who will turn 87 next month, the Vatican announced Saturday that Pope Francis had cancelled his meetings for the day due to a “slight flu-like condition,” and later added that he had visited Rome’s Gemelli Hospital for a CAT scan to rule out pneumonia.


rcg said...

I hope he gets well soon. While I don’t see him changing much we need to let everything take full effect before the next papal election.

Jerome Merwick said...

There's an unverifiable story about President Lincoln that seems to apply here:

Allegedly, the president met with a man in his office and after the man walked out of their private meeting, Lincoln remarked to his secretary that he did not like the man's face.
"But sir," the secretary protested, "Surely, you can't hold a man accountable for his face?"
Lincoln replied, "After the age of 40, you're responsible for your face."

Some people radiate warmth when they smile. Some people have a sort of sparkle when they grin. Some people radiate compassion in their faces. I'm sorry, and I pray I am wrong, but every photo I've ever seen of Bergoglio smiling looks completely phony.

THIS is his face. He owns it. We'd be fools not to study it.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Again, even Pope Francis' SMILE is belittled. Jerome, you see what you want to see...

TJM said...

Says the "priest" who votes for the Party of Moloch