Sunday, November 12, 2023



This is a great interview. Bishop Strictland asks us to pray for the pope, remain fully committed Catholics and carry the cross. The two pillars for him are The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and His Mother's Immaculate Heart.

Like Old Testament prophets of old, Bishop Strictland is a new prophet for a new day in the Church. 

Pray, Pray, Pray for Pope Francis and all God's faithful clergy and lay Catholics. 




TJM said...

A better man than the Bishop of Rome

Mark Thomas said...

Prior to his interview yesterday with John-Henry Westen, Bishop Strickland had generated several ugly, extremist attacks against His Holiness, Pope Francis. Bishop Strickland, during the past couple of years, via attacks against Pope Francis, had flown off the rails.

In regard to his interview yesterday, during which he had all but hidden his contempt for Pope Francis: One would find it difficult to believe that just a few months ago, Bishop Strickland denounced Pope Francis as one who was “undermining the deposit of faith.”

One would find it difficult to believe that Bishop Strickland is the same man who had praised a video during which:

-- Pope Francis was labeled a "diabolically disoriented clown."

-- "Rome and Pope Francis have lost teaching authority."

-- "This pope is preaching an entirely new gospel, and under his guidance the Catholic Church, which used to be consider the light on the hill…the Catholic Church cannot now be trusted."

Last month, during the Rome Life Forum, Bishop Strickland presented a letter that he had received from "a dear friend." The letter in question portrayed Pope Francis as a wicked man who had "ousted" Pope Benedict XVI from the Papacy.

The letter described Pope Francis as "this usurper of Peter’s chair has counted life as naught, for he has endangered souls by proclaiming that they are justified before God as they are, with no need of repentance."

The letter presented by Bishop Strickland declared: "Play nicely? While the devil leads souls to hell? Play nicely? While Francis proclaims the devil’s voice to be the voice of the Holy Spirit?"

It was not until the end of his interview yesterday that a peek into Bishop Strickland's contempt for Pope Francis had presented itself. John-Henry Westen quoted the nasty comments against Pope Francis that Bishop Schneider had issued yesterday.

Bishop Schneider declared: "Bishop Strickland will probably go down in history as an 'Athanasius of the Church in the USA,' who however, unlike St. Athanasius, is not persecuted by the secular power, but incredibly by the Pope himself."

Bishop Schneider, while having maintained the appearance of having respect for Pope Francis, thanked, as well as praised Bishop Schneider for having "defended" him (Bishop Strickland).

At the end of his interview yesterday, although in "respectful" fashion, Bishop Strickland portrayed Pope Francis as his "elder brother" bishop who required correction as His Holiness needs to turn from sin, as well as the promotion "false messages."

Bishop Strickland had almost succeeded in having camouflaged his extremism in regard to his opposition to Pope Francis.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

In regard to the vile trashing of Pope Francis as related to the Bishop Strickland case:

I wish that I could avoid the use of the terms "traditionalists/right-wingers"...but I don't know as to how to avoid the following:

Once again, trads/right-wingers, at least among those prominent as bloggers/Twitter (X) users, have demonstrated that they are at war with the Vicar of Christ. Said folks are incapable of practicing restraint in regard to their public declarations related to Pope Francis.

Said folks, time and again since 2013 A.D., have resorted to vile, sick, Satanic attacks against Pope Francis.

Examples from yesterday:

From Rorate Caeli: "It’s impossible to know when Francis will die...But we are happy to announce we already know his cause of death: choking on his own bile."

From Michael Matt (The Remnant) yesterday: "This is total war. Francis is a clear and present danger not only to Catholics the world over but also to the whole world itself. It appears now that he is actively trying to bury fidelity to the Church of Jesus Christ. If this is so, let him be anathema."


Pope Francis' haters/lynch mob have rushed to judgement in vile, hateful, disturbing fashion, against His Holiness.

Said folks are uninterested in Cardinal DiNardo's assurance that "The Prelates conducted an exhaustive inquiry into all aspects of the governance and leadership of the Diocese of Tyler by its Ordinary, Bishop Joseph Strickland."

"As a result of the Visitation, the recommendation was made to the Holy Father that the continuation in office of Bishop Strickland was not feasible. After months of careful consideration by the Dicastery for Bishops and the Holy Father, the decision was reached that the resignation of Bishop Strickland should be requested."

Rather than embrace the above (or, at least reject the above in charitable fashion), certain among Pope Francis' haters prefer to employ vile, Satanic attacks, against His Holiness.

Said folks have, as been the case often since 2013 A.D., made themselves look bad. Very bad.


Mark Thomas

Jerome Merwick said...


Spot on.

This man has class. He is the class of American bishops.

He has more integrity in his little finger than the wolves in prelates clothing have through the entirety of their ranks.

My initial anger has transformed to encouragement. This bishop is young, positive and I get a strong sense he isn't finished yet. As the true Church is forced underground as the legacy Church becomes an empty shell, it will be bishops like Strickland who keep us going.

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick,

I agree with you. The young priests I know are men like Bishop Strickland and ignore the disaster that is Rome!

TJM said...

Jerome Merwick,

Here is one commentator's take:

"I am conflicted. Pope Francis preaches continually about charity and being charitable to your neighbor. Then he acts like an angry mobster when he treats Bishop Strickland without an ounce of charity. I can pray for Pope Francis the man but not for his intentions."