Monday, November 6, 2023


I celebrated the Modern Roman Missal English Mass and the Traditional Latin Mass this past weekend, 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time and 23rd Sunday after Pentecost. 

Mysticism, allowing the experience of the TLM to sink in over time through contemplation is the strength of the TLM which forms Catholics in a strong sense of the Real Presence of Christ in the glorified and unbloody re-presentation of the One Sacrifice of Christ. 

I am not sure, though, that the TLMers have a sense of the presence of Christ in the Word of God, especially the very words of Christ in the Gospel. I don’t think the TLM develops a keen desire to be more bible oriented in one’s Catholic Spirituality and prayer. 

As it concerns the Modern Vernacular Roman Missal, it is just too didactic, cut and dry and doesn’t touch the mystical DNA in Catholics like the TLM does. It does foster more external actual participation, but the internal and contemplative suffers. It does foster an appreciation for the presence of Christ in the congregation, the celebrant, the Word. 

However, there is fuzzy thinking about how Christ is present in a Transubstantial Way under the forms of the consecrated Bread and Wine, the Sacred Species. It also obfuscates the present of Christ in the Sacrament of Holy Orders, especially at the consecrations and Christ the Intercessor before the Father in the presence of the priest. 

The modern Roman Missal does create a thirst for Scripture Study. But things are too sloppy, folksy and informal destroying reverence and piety and quiet contemplation. 

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TJM said...

Father McDonald,

I think the TLM does a better job with the Word. You have the familiar epistles and gospels year after year, the Propers, the tracts, the sequences, and the graduals. The 3-year lectionary is not helpful. It is a behemoth and does not promote familiarity.