Sunday, May 9, 2021




George said...

A mother, in conceiving and carrying a child within her so as to bring a new life into the world, willingly endures pain, inconvenience, and suffering in order that a unique human creature can have life. In her role in bringing forth life, she outwardly images God in His generosity, His love, and in His creative power, and does so in a spiritual and most selfless way when done out of love for God and in gratitude for the life He has given to her.
And in giving life to the world, she so wonderfully imitates our Blessed Mother when in doing so, she has the intention of glorifying God with what He, who is Love, has given to her.

And even when the child a mother carries does not survive, even so she has brought life into the world - the life that flows from the love and generosity in her heart, and she can rest consoled that our Merciful and Just God, who endows all of us with an everlasting soul, can always be counted on to bring all things to a just resolution in the eternal realm of existence.

UK-Priest said...

It’s not Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday here in the UK. For us it’s 3rd Sunday in lent.

Anonymous said...


No words of mine can fully thank you for your amazing message. Having recently and so very painfully lost a child before he could come into this world, again, thank you.

You have give my wife and I the consolation and understanding that we are so tryingly seeking.

Anonymous said...

A Freudian analyst (a Jewish lady, largely uninformed of Catholicism and the impact of 1970s “spirit of The Councul” etc” ) diagnosed my oldest brother with religious mania, a borderline personality disorder and “smother love” after his first psych ward admission......

Claire Clutterbuck.

Anonymous said...

Dear UK priest,

Sod off,

Yours SINcerely,

Monica A.