Sunday, April 11, 2021


 Pope Francis celebrates Divine Sunday Mass in the Church of Santo Spirito in Sassi: 

 Please note the gorgeous altar with the beautiful altar cloth. This church is a couple blocks from St. Peter's. You can actually see St. Peter's from this church's steps. It is also the church where an English Mass is celebrated each Sunday at 10 AM I believe. I've attended that Mass and I have also concelebrated in this church. 

However, what you don't see, fortunately, is the travesty of a post-Vatican II altar outside of this church's altar railing. Yes, it is a plexiglass altar, plexiglass in this magnificent church. Unbelievable:


Anonymous said...

The plexiglass is likely to not interfere with the view.

Now, actually using it says so much as to the folk running the show in Rome. The future is plastic. The liturgy is plastic. The religion is plastic. Why have magnificent when you can have cheap, mass produced, and plastic. Why use old classic when you can have modern and up to date tawdry. Old is just so out of date. We need to get with it. Just like the cheap, tawdry culture surrounding us. If we are too different, then people won't LIKE us. And nothing is more important than being liked. If nobody likes us, then nobody will come and fill collection plates, and it is all about numbers and receipts.

The Egyptian said...

This arrangement shows many things, mainly the plastic "altar", Look at ME, pay attention to the facilitator, God is in the background and I am up front, not even the altar can hide me, I am the MOST important one here.
I believe this is why many priests dislike or disdain the TLM, the priest disappears into the mass, therefor he is not the center of attention. I have known many who were total glory hogs, had to be the center of attention, period

Pierre said...

The Egyptian,

And some priests are so egotistical that they substitute their translation of the Mass for the authorized vernacular texts

Anonymous said...

The plastic altar makes no sense to me, and I lived through the 1960’s and 1970’s. Imagine what that little plastic altar conveys to people that did not experience that cultural content or conflict. I think to them it suggests if you don’t like Church teachings, just change it. That makes for a Church that is neither Catholic nor relevant. Could that be why so many churches are grey and empty?

John Nolan said...

The gimcrack plastic altar is emblematic; a nod to a now outmoded view of liturgy which when it is finally done away with (which eventually it must be) will be easily disposed of.

The photograph shows the 'Per Ipsum'. Is that the deacon holding the Chalice, in which case he should be standing on the right of the priest? Or is it one of the concelebrants? In any case it reeks of a boring Novus Ordo vernacular Mass which I, for one, would not bother getting out of bed for.

Its proximity to the Vatican is hardly a selling point these days. Even under Benedict papal Masses left a lot to be desired; since his abdication things have gone from bad to worse, particularly as regards the music.

Catholic Mission said...

Pope Francis and Pope Benedict are not magisterial on Vatican Council II since they interpret the Council with the false premise, inference and conclusion instead of the rational option.

To be Magisterial they need to interpret Vatican Council II without the fake premise, inference and conclusion.
The Holy Spirit cannot make an objective mistake and choose the irrational and non traditional option, which is a rupture with the past Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Fake premise

Lumen Gentium 8,Lumen Gentium 14, Lumen Gentium 16 etc in Vatican Council II refer to physically visible cases in 1965-2021.

Fake inference
They are objective examples of salvation outside the Church.

Fake conclusion
Vatican Council II contradicts the strict interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS).The Athanasius Creed(outside the Church there is no salvation) and the Syllabus of Errors of Pope Pius IX ( ecumenism of return) were made obsolete.

Here is my interpretation of Vatican Council II in blue.

Rational Premise
LG 8, LG 14, LG 16 etc in Vatican Council II refer to physically invisible cases in 1965-2021.They are only hypothetical and theoretical. They exist only in our mind and are not solid bodies at Newton's level of time, space and matter.

Rational Inference
They are not objective examples of salvation outside the Church for us human beings.

Rational Conclusion
Vatican Council II does not contradict EENS as it was interpreted by the Jesuits in the Middle Ages.It does not contradict the strict interpretation of EENS of St. Thomas Aquinas( saved in invincible ignorance is invisible), St. Augustine and Fr. Leonard Feeney of Boston.
The Letter of the Holy Office(Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) 1949 made an objective mistake.-Lionel Andrades