Friday, August 21, 2015


Jusadbellum has left us a good recommendation as to how to appropriately deal with the murderous Planned Parenthood corporation:

If you want to do something immediately, go to the website BY PRESSING THE FOLLOWING: GO TO PROTEST PLANNED PARENTHOOD and find the nearest site of protest for this weekend (TOMORROW).

And then go there and pray a silent rosary for the mothers and their children and the nurses and doctors of these killing centers.

Google "crisis pregnancy center" for your zip code and go visit it in person. (MACON HAS THE KOLBE CENTER) Take a commitment card and start giving them $10 per month (to begin).... to end abortion we need a two pronged attack: one, to make abortion so publicly toxic, so "uncool" that the low information crowd won't think of that 'choice' even if it remains legal. Two, to fully fund and support so many crisis pregnancy centers around the abortion clinics that they sufficiently strip away "market share" to the point that the money grubbing abortionists pull of stakes and leave....but then keep supporting these pro-life alternatives to abortion.

So convert this horror and anger into action in the next 26 hours: go protest and go find the viable alternatives to abortion in your zip code and support them. There are 3,000 crisis pregnancy centers scattered across the country. The more support we provide them, the more we win the culture war that always precedes the legal victory.


Jdj said...

We have been doing this for years. Years and years of rosaries in front of PP. The problem is that real commitment must happen with ALL Catholics, not just us faithful few. And never do we have a priest or deacon present. Occasionally a Protestant clergy will show up, but not often.

Anonymous said...

In light of their relatively small interest in this horror, the bishops' avowed concern for human dignity can't be taken very seriously. Their other activities ostensibly in the name of human dignity thus seem simply a pandering for the admiration of the mob. Viz.: "The Holy Father would enter the United States by crossing the Mexican border if he had the time, according to Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, the head of a papal advisory group of cardinals, during remarks in March before a Georgetown University audience."

Jusadbellum said...

I suspect that one of the reason the Church in the West has been so hamstrung with abortion is due directly to the fact that a great number of theologians, religious, priests and bishops were overt dissenters to Humane Vitae in 1968.

I've been told that no one who supported Humane Vitae could expect to be hired at Catholic University of America in 1973. The ideological screening was already in place.

This explains this recent report:

How exactly do so many "Catholic" centers of higher learning have such official links to Planned Parenthood without there being an ideological divide in our Church between the 'professionals' and the pewsitters?

How does the CCHD regularly hire people with direct ties to Planned Parenthood? How does this happen without people in high places intentionally promoting likeminded souls into positions of influence?

In any event, it doesn't matter except for their immortal souls. We still are free to protest and we still are free to mobilize EFFECTIVE support to alternatives to abortion. We're also free to not support CINO (Catholic in name only) institutions in favor of supporting Catholic really in deed only (CREDO) organizations.

Anonymous said...

There was an older priest at a prominent church in Atlanta back in the mid 70's. He was very outspoken about abortion and how this horror was allowed to happen in our times. After a while I noticed that he never mentioned it again. I heard that he was told by higher authorities not to preach about it anymore because some had complained. Since then I have rarely heard abortion condemned from the pulpit in any Catholic Church. God bless our clergy and religious who are not afraid to condemn this atrocity!


George said...


What you are exhorting is all well and fine and I of course support it. Too many of these kind of protests are one-offs though.
The Pro-Life movement does not have the media behind it as did those in the Civil Rights movement when they marched and protested in the 1960's . What is needed is a concerted and dedicated, well thought out and organized on-going effort, both individually and collectively, to substantially reduce this horror . Individual efforts can be effective. Prayer and fasting is a requisite.

If you are retired or in any way can find the time to do so, then get more involved.

Go to the link below. Write a letter to the President and Board of Directores of these institutions. Write to the local bishop
who is over the diocese where these are located.

Catholic Colleges and Universities and Planned Parenthood

Have you or are you supporting Pro-Life organizatiions such as Human Life International and Priests for Life?

Look at you investment portfolio. If it contains any of the following manufacturers of abortient-inducing drugs
then move your money into something else.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
AstraZeneca( which has an Indian subsidiary that manufactures Prostodin, Cerviprime, and Partocin)
Granular Technologies in Fairfield, NJ
Forest Laboratories

Below are two Catholic-values oriented investment funds

Aquinas Funds

Ave Maria Mutual Funds

Finally, more prayer, almsgiving and fasting is needed. A daily rosary should be dedicated to this effort.

George said...

The above link is not working it seems.

Here it is again(this one should work)

Catholic Colleges and Universities and Planned Parenthood

George said...

"Prayer and fasting is a requisite."
"Finally, more prayer, almsgiving and fasting is needed"

...and more agreement of subject and verb on my part. (sometimes my typing and thoughts get ahead of my brain)

I guess I could plead that these could, in some sense, be considered as one.

Jusadbellum said...

jdj and George,

If only we met in person. Alas, we're anonymous scribblers.

I agree with both of you on the vital need the pro-life movement has of organization and strategy. But like all works of the Holy Spirit, the movement is leaderless or rather, composed of a loose coalition of hundreds of small to medium size groups who come and go depending on a thousand factors. The down side is that it's really hard to corral and herd the cats and get them moving in the same direction for some specific mission. The upside is that this loose coalition is almost impossible for the enemies (and they are considerable) to take down like the Tea Party was dismantled and infiltrated.

A couple of things to point out:

1) street protests are not primarily intended to be the mechanism by which some activity is halted or outlawed. They are primarily about two related goals: a) to outflank the media blackout via direct marketing of one's message to the public where the public happens to be and b) to provide a useful team building lesson for partisans of the cause.

Take your pick for the movement and the cause and this is so. Ideally one's protest ought to rally the troops, give people an inspiration and sense of identity with the cause AND have the impact of causing a buzz and forcing the media to pay attention.

2) Laws are what happens AFTER culture changes. So the really heavy lifting is what happens on the grass roots level. For example, the smartest thing the NRA ever did (and a dozen other gun rights groups) was to promote the purchase of AR15 model rifles after 1994's ban was lifted. The more guns sold the more "sold" people were on the need to defend their purchase/rights.... no one is going to spend $1,000 or more on an item and not value it to the point of getting involved politically to keep it from being made illegal or useless. The pornographers did the same thing: mainstream porn far and wide, and then the law caught up. It's what gay rights people did too.... first spread one's message far and wide, rally one's troops to the cause and only THEN will politicians pay attention.

3) the Mainstream media and Congress are typically weeks if not years behind the times of what's really going on. Millions of people were into "prepping" before it became a TV phenomenon. Millions were homeschooling and going Gluten free before it became a publicly acceptable phenomenon.

In other words, don't look for the Media or politicians to VALIDATE your belief system or morals/ideological/political outlook.