Monday, August 3, 2015


Ecumenism must occur with disaffected Catholics who in another period of history would be considered exemplary Catholics.  The SSPX FOR THE MOST PART ARE FAITHFUL TO THE DEPSIT OF FAITH! They are closer to us than the orthodox or any Protestant sect!

The Holy Father knows this and if we can't reconcile this group to the Holy See why even pretend that we reconcile sects much, much further away? Just asking!

This is from Rorate Caeli:

Cardinal Müller on the Vatican-SSPX relations: Holy Father wants us to move forward with tenacity [Official Website of the German Bishops' Conference]
August 3, 2015

Exclusive: Cardinal Müller in an interview with [excerpt]

Question: It has been strikingly quiet recently regarding the Society of Saint Pius X. Are the attempts to find an agreement suspended or postponed?

Mueller: Regarding this question, there is no substantial new development. The Holy Father wishes that we keep trying: “con tenacia e pazienza” – “with decisiveness and patience.” The precondition for a full reconciliation is the signing of a doctrinal preamble in order to guarantee a full agreement in the essential questions of the Faith. In the past months, there were encounters of different ways which are meant to strengthen the mutual trust.

[Translation kindly provided by Maike Hickson.]


Lefebvrian said...

This isn't news. It just reiterates that there is ongoing discussion between people in Rome and the leadership of the SSPX. And it makes sense that the leadership of the SSPX would have such contacts with Rome since they are Catholic.

Servimus Unum Deum said...

No Father. They had their chance and their pride, their "non serviam" in the fashion of the Devil has kept them outside Holy Mother Church. Until they sign that preamble, stop saying the Novus Ordo is evil/an abomination/wrong, etc. and stop calumnying/detracting the Holy Father, they should not be admitted to the church on account of their rebellious behavior. They also give Traditonal Caholicism a bad reputation. I am fed up with their antics.

Mark Thomas said...

I don't understand as to why the statement in question is a "bombshell". From his days in Argentina, Pope Francis/Cardinal Bergoglio has exhibited kindness and cooperation to the SSPX.

Last September, Bishop Fellay had met in Rome with Cardinal Muller. Prior to said meeting, many Traditionalists throughout the Catholic Blogosphere had predicted that..."this is it...Pope Francis will excommunicate the Society...get ready for the persecution that Pope Francis will unleash against Traditionalists".

Said gloom and doom predictions from Traditionalists proved ridiculous. Rome and Bishop Fellay enjoyed a peaceful and productive meeting. Pope Francis has exhibited fatherly love toward the SSPX.

That is why I don't view Cardinal Muller's SSPX-related statement in question as a "bombshell".


Mark Thomas