Thursday, November 14, 2013


It appears that there are those who are willing to correct the pope and it has been accomplished by Archbishop Agostino Marchetto! We don't know what it was he corrected, although Pope Francis himself indicates that the good archbishop has corrected a "mistake or imprecision" on his part, as Pope Francis thanks him for it and endorses what Pope Benedict often referred to as the hermeneutic of reform in continuity in terms of the proper interpretation of Vatican II.


This is from the Blog Rorate Caeli:

In his latest column Sandro Magister has publicized the text of a letter sent by Pope Francis to Abp. Agostino Marchetto, a former Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People. He is best-known as the author of The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council: A Counterpoint for the History of the Councilwhich criticizes the "Bologna School' and champions the "hermeneutic of reform, of renewal in continuity" as proposed by Benedict XVI, most notably in his speech of December 22, 2005.

Here is Rorate's quick translation of the letter, with our emphasis.

Dear Abp. Marchetto,  

With these lines I wish to be close to you and join myself to the act of presentation of the book“Primato pontificio ed episcopato. Dal primo millennio al Concilio ecumenico Vaticano II”[Pontifical primacy and epicopate: from the first millennium to the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council"] I beg you to consider myself spiritually present [there].  

The topic of the book is an homage to the love that you have for the Church, a loyal and at the same time poetic love. Loyalty and poetry are not an object of trade: they cannot be bought or sold, they simply are virtues that are rooted in a heart of a son who feels the Church to be a Mother; or, in order to be more precise, and saying it with an Ignatian familiar "tone", as "the Holy Mother Hierarchical Church".  

You have made this love manifest in many ways, including correcting a mistake or imprecision on my part - and for that I thank you from my heart -, but above all it is manifest in all your purity in the studies made on the Second Vatican Council. I once told you, dear Abp. Marchetto, and I wish to repeat it today, that I consider you to be the best interpreter of the Second Vatican Council.  

I know that this is a gift from God, but I also know that you made it bear fruit. I am grateful to you for all the good that you do for us with your testimony of love for the Church, and I ask the Lord that you be abundantly blessed.  

I beg you please not to forget to pray for me. May Jesus bless you, and may the Virgin protect you.  

Vatican, October 7, 2013  


Anonymous said...

This is just another attempt to bend over backwards trying to prove that Francis is orthodox in his teaching. Nothing but vagueness, ambiguity mixed with silly liberal platitudes. A pope needs to do more than kiss babies and drive beat up old cars. He has not encouraged people to stop sinful behavior he has goon out of his way to make them comfortable in their sin, no pope has ever done that. He is a 70's liberal who is not orthodox in his teaching or practice, and I don't care how many altars pushed against a wall he says Mass at, the truth is he hates Tradition and will do all he can to further it's destruction. He has not stopped from the first minute to do whatever he wants. I say any priest who wants to put back the communion rails, push the altars against the wall, refuse to give communion in the hand (after all the pope has set the standard for ignoring liturgical norms he doesn't agree with, so why shouldn't a priest do the same) say only the old Mass go ahead regardless of what your bishop says. After all what will they do? Nothing. I say the next pope should come out onto that balcony wearing the tiara and sitting on the sedia regardless of who doesn't like it and immediately say he has no intention of canonizing a heretic.

Gene said...

BTW, where are the altar rails you said we were getting for St. Jo's?

Gene said...

Tangentially, but related…meanwhile, back at the ranch (St. Jo's): Last night at RCIA Fr. Godfred explained and discussed Vatican II as a "pastoral council," then gave one of the best expositions on the Blessed Virgin Mary I have ever heard. It was presented on a level any lay person could understand, but I felt like I was back in theology grad school and had several "aha's" regarding some prot/Catholic doctrines I had not re-visited in a while. It generated some really good discussion, as well. I do not know how you keep coming up with all these outstanding Vicars but, whatever you are doing, keep it up.