Thursday, October 14, 2010


I know it is EASY to miss the congregation because of the distraction of the "liturgical dancer" but look at the faces of the congregation. Utter boredom and passive audience look at a poor form of entertainment, not to mention prayer. Some people call this inculturation. Others call it decline, impoverishment and diminishment of the Ordinary Form of the Mass which people seem to think they can manipulate in this way. Just what does this have to do with prayer, worship, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, its holy banquet and the call to live the Gospel in the world? On top of that, it is dangerous. Read the story below.

Other forms of impoverishing the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, look at the faces of the Children and it says it all! These Masses are also dangerous to the orthodox faith and practices of Catholics and could weakend and destroyed that faith!

Now compare this image to the images above and tell me which strikes you as the most serious? The law of prayer is the law of belief and when the law is manipulated and degraded is it any wonder we have contemporary Catholics who mock and deride the Holy Father, promote same sex marriage, abuse children in the most horrible of ways and think they have a right to get away with it and live their Catholicism as though it is a product they buy that they can manipulate and mold according to their own gnostic intuitions or the cultural and political fads of the day?

Another reason not to allow the silliness of liturgical dancing:

Misunderstander of Islam poses as liturgical dancer, tries to murder Roman Catholic Archbishop of Khartoum

Proof that liturgical dance should be avoided at all costs. "Sudanese Cardinal Survives Assassination Attempt," from Zenit, October 12:

KHARTOUM, Sudan, OCT. 12 ( The archbishop of Khartoum escaped unhurt from an assassination attempt that was directed at him on Sunday, the feast of St. Daniele Comboni.

The Catholic Information Service for Africa (CISA) reported today that during a Mass held at the Comboni playground in Khartoum, marking the anniversary of the 1881 death of St. Daniele Comboni, a man with a dagger posed as liturgical dancer and managed to come within a few steps of Archbishop Gabriel Cardinal Zubeir Wako.

The man was apprehended, and has been identified as Hamdan Mohamed Abdurrahman, an Arab of the nomadic Messiria tribe from Southern Kurdufan. He is in police custody as authorities determine his intentions and whether or not he was acting alone.

The master of ceremonies, Barnaba Matuech Anei, is reported to have been the one to spot the would-be attacker, and disarm him. He told CISA that the Church in Sudan will seek to "find out what was his mission [...] and why he did carry a dagger with him. After that, we will see what to do next.

"We must know his background and identity. If he has people backing him to carry out such actions in the church, we would like to know."...


Gene said...

You would not post what I would call it. Think of a rural agrarian setting, cattle in the fields...

SqueekerLamb said...

Reminds me of a song:
"Clowns to the left of me
Jokers to the right
Here I am stuck in the middle with you...."

These images must be made up or staged. Who would do such rediculous things this like holding hands around a ground-level altar with kids and balancing the Gospel while wearing a clown stole? I cannot believe that these are scenes from actual mind just can't go there!

The bottom picture is beautiful and mysterious. Jesus crucified highlights the image and Jesus as Bread is in the center. The photo effects and three spots of light really give it depth. It says to me 'come and see'. Through the Mass you will enter into the mysterious and come to understand the ultimate. The bottom picture draws me into wanting to share in a precious experience.

Anonymous said...

This is not even good satire. Also, the headline of that article, "Misunderstander..."? Was that the actual title???? Perhaps all the 'understanders' ain't Miss Behavin'.