Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vatican II and Sacred Music not the Problem, its wrong implementation is!

Of all the catastrophes of the last 45 years in the Mass, music and its wrong implementation has been the problem, read why at the link below the quote which is next:

"In retrospect, it does seem a sad business, and I can’t quite get to the bottom of all the shenanigans which nearly scuppered the new Mass setting. I had to pinch myself on occasions when I was being accused of obscurantism. Were they right? But I rehearsed the work on many occasions with ordinary people in the pews in various parishes. They all picked the music up gradually. Not all parishes in Scotland could introduce the setting, I suppose. It requires competence in the accompanist and music leader. But this was a papal Mass – it had to be special. But I can imagine it being used enthusiastically in many countries around the world. There is a different “sound” to the new setting, which perhaps owes something to my love of chant, traditional hymnody and authentic folk music, and nothing at all to the St Louis Jesuits and all the other dumbed-down, sentimental bubble-gum music which has been shoved down our throats for the last few decades in the Catholic Church. And therein might lie the problem…"

Liturgical music has and is the problem with much liturgy over the last 45 years, click this sentence to read about the Scottish problem in preparation for His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI's Pontifical Mass celebrated recently in Glascow!

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Anonymous said...

A simple fact is many young people, lay people of all ages really now find Chant relaxing and beautiful. We want to hear it in Parish settings. But hardly anyone listens. Look at music and CD sales. WOuld this have happened in 1973? I don't think so. The time is right for Catholics to hear this music every week in our Churches. Please, someone at the top, listen, so we can listen, to CHANT not on CD"s at home while cleaning. But during Mass.