Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith of Colombo, Sri Lanka, a new Cardinal

His Eminence elect Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith of Colombo,Sri Lanka, 62 wrote the following concerning his archdiocese:

1.We would also seek ways to renew our spiritual life and revitalize with a true spirituality in the Holy Eucharist and living out our pastoral responsibilities in line with the shepherdly love given to us in the Holy Eucharist,

2. Enhance a sense of reverence and veneration to the Most Holy Eucharist. Beautify the place and the atmosphere where the Holy Eucharist is celebrated. Prepare yourself well for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist devotedly and live a exemplary life based on the spirituality of the Holy Eucharist. Prepare your homilies and give an inspiring homily based on the Word of God on the day.

3. Invite the faithful to receive the Holy Communion kneeling, provide facilities for them to kneel at the Altar railings and help them to receive Holy Communion with reverence and devotion.

4. Except the Holy Scriptures, no other readings or readings of the founders of the congregations or any other non Catholic readings to be done in the Holy Masses.

5. No songs to be sung in the Holy Mass. The Priest is not to be a protagonist in celebrating the Holy Mass, but it is Lord Jesus who is present in the Priest while he celebrate the Most Holy Eucharist. Holy Eucharist is not the place to show off our talents, instruct your faithful to dress properly when they are coming to read the Word of God or read the intentions or when bringing offerings to the Altar. (A post below I make it clear that the Mass itself should be sung and to avoid hymns or secular songs that are superfluous to the Mass.)

6. The Vespers Services should be meaningful prayerful services and not ‘public shows’. Psalms should be sung in the Vespers Services and not popular hymns.

7. Prayers of the faithful ( intentions ) should be recited and not to be sung with popular tunes of songs. If needed, only the response to be sung with the common tune used in the liturgical services.

8. Whenver possible pray the Evening Prayer with the people. Strengthen the Hours of Adoration before the Eucharistic Lord in your parishes.

8. Therefore please adhere to the Liturgical norms of the Church in the spirit of renewing your spiritual life and the spiritual life of the faithful.

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