Saturday, October 9, 2010


Yesterday, Bishop J. Kevin Boland blessed a building owned by St. Joseph Church and used by our Catholic Charities program called Family Advancement Ministries or FAM. This outreach is geared toward parents and their young children and offers a variety of ministries including educational ministries to help these families out of poverty and into strong families. It is headed by Daughter of Charity, Sister Elizabeth Griem. Can you pick her out from the other women attending the blessing? For more information on FAMILY ADVANCEMENT MINISTRIES CLICK HERE.

Bishop J. Kevin Boland, Diocese of Savannah and Sister Elizabeth Griem,DC, Director of Family Advancement Ministries

Fr. Allan McDonald reading scripture, Fr. Dan Malaba, pastor of neighboring parish, St. Peter Claver


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the pictures for the benefit of us who couldn't attend.

FAM will soar even higher now that the Bishop has blessed the building.

Would Sr. Elizabeth Griem be the one wearing the veil?


Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I don't know, so many women in my parish wear veils, they all look alike, can't tell sisters from laity! Fr. AJM

Laura said...

It was a wonderful event and a blessing to attend. I am glad the building was able to be repaired and revamped to help continue this ministry!

Templar said...

Good deeds, for a good Ministry, and God Bless Sister and her helpers who carry the load day in and day out.

And becasue I simply can not help myself, forgive me Lord, but that stole around the Bishop's neck is quite possible one of the most hidieous I have ever laid eyes on.

Sr Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the post Fr. McDonald and for your support of the work at FAM. It was great to have many of our volunteers and supporters there. The Catholic community in Macon is amazingly involved and generous.
As for the veils, seems I stand out more in WalMart!