Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Many thanks to Lynn O'Connor who tapes our RCIA sessions, abbreviates it for Youtube and has the full session on "blip." This is on the nature of humans and God's love for us as experienced through the sacramental principle of the Church.

Controversial teachings of the Church on "BLIP" you can fast forward if you wish!

But after I viewed this I noticed in the sidebar a tour of our little old humble church which we did not put on you-tube. Someone visited our Church back in February I guess, as there is a very rare glimpse of snow on the ground at the Church--we had a one day wonder I think this past February. The video is a bit jerky, but you get to see the outside of the Church and a grand tour of the inside and the magnificent stain glass windows we have. The Jesuits built this Church which was completed in 1903. There is a superabundance of depictions of Jesuit saints in the windows. I know that's an oxymoron (just kidding!).


Unknown said...

The church is gorgeous! There is nothing like that close to where I live. I wish there was. It looks pretty large. How many does it seat?

We just completed a renovation and expansion of our church and I think it will now seat 300 people.

I have to confess, my second thought after how beautiful the church is, was who keeps all that brass polished? As a member of our altar guild I polish brass frequently.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Teresa, the church seats about 500 comfortably. We do have people to take care of the brass, but it is coated so it doesn't need a lot of care. There are two major drawbacks to the Church. We have one side door that is ground level and it has no buffer, it opens directly into the Church and at this spot there is a wind tunnel effect, so we have stuff blowing into the church, cold air coming in in the winter, hot air coming in in the summer, air conditioning and heat departing when the door flies open. We have no vestibule, except for a tiny depression space about 3 feet wide, prior to entering the church from the main doors. But other than these two major flaws, the building is a jewel to behold.

Anonymous said...

Your parish has a beautiful church, Father. Based on the photographs it appears that the presence of Jesuit Saints in the glass has not interfered with access to the Light.



Jenny said...

Awe-inspiring and phenomenal restoration, Father!

Templar said...

And let use not disparage the Jesiut Saints. These are not the Jesiuts of America Magazine, these are the Jesiuts of the 19th Century and early 20th Century. Warrior Priests of the Chuch Militant, disciples of St. Ignatius.