Thursday, February 2, 2023


Press each of the Pillar’s underline names for their articles on McElroy’s wolf in shepherd’s clothing heretical teachings on inclusion. Bishop Baron’s is the point of my post below.

Archbishop Samuel J. AquilaBishop Robert BarronLarry ChappFr. Raymond J. de Souza, and George Weigel respond to Cardinal Robert McElroy’s “radical inclusion” essay

I just read Barron’s commentary and it is good. But there are two elephants in the room that need to be distinguished. 

1. All Catholics have an obligation to attend Mass and to follow Divine and Church law. That is as inclusive as it gets. However, we are all sinners in need of conversion, repentance and conversion. At Mass and other “churchy” activities, but especially at Holy Communion, there are some exclusions. Usually these are self-imposed if the communicant is the only one aware of his mortal sin. In public sins, the Church places a censure, such as divorced and remarried outside of the Church for heterosexuals and attempted “marriages” of homosexuals. Also in the RCIA process, we invite everyone, but have to make some prudential decision about inclusion or exclusion of those who show no conversion, are in public sinful situations, such as an invalid marriage, etc. 

2. But apart from that, do we allow Catholics to attend Mass in drag, a la those who entertain that way? Do we allow transsexuals, those in irregular marriages, living together, promoting ideologies contrary to the Faith,  to teach in our schools and CCD programs, proclaim the Scriptures at Mass, distribute Holy Communion and in leadership positions in the parish. I think we can be exclusive in this area. Can we apply what I just wrote to those interested in the priesthood, diaconate or Religious life.


Anonymous said...

Father McDonald had said in an earlier thread today..."Read Archbishop Aquila's excellent article on Radical Inclusion HERE."

Father McDonald, thank you for having promoted Archbishop Aquila's article in question.

Beginning with the article's first paragraph, Archbishop Aquila has exhorted us to turn to Pope Francis' teachings related to the Archbishop's article.

Archbishop Aquila declared:

"I have written of my concerns in the past with the German Synodal Process, as well as concerns with other bishops and cardinals and their take on the process.

"They essentially ignore the oft repeated words of Pope Francis, that in the synodal process, there must be a deep listening to the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth and charity that keeps us firmly attached to Jesus Christ.

"Pope Francis has made it clear that the synod on synodality is not about changing long standing Church teaching and is not a democratic or parliamentary process."


Archbishop Aquila has provided us with the powerful reason as to why we need to ignore those who have attacked Pope Francis in regard to the Synod.


Following that, Archbishop Aquila declared:

"The Church recognizes that someone who lives a particular way, whether it be in willing violation of natural law or some other moral category, is not in communion with the Church.

"As Pope Francis said so simply during an in-flight interview September 15, 2021:

“This is not a penalty: you are outside. Communion is to unite the community.”

Archbishop Aquila added: "This is not to condemn the person but to recognize the truth of their situation and call their immortal soul to something greater.


Finally, Archbishop Aquila stated:

"The Holy Father during his weekly Angelus on January 22 said that "our vices and our sins” are like “anchors that hold us at the shore and prevent us from setting sail…to stay with Jesus, therefore, requires the courage to leave, to set out…to leave what? Our vices and sins."

Archbishop Aquila added:

"Yes, we are to invite and include but not at the expense of leaving others and ourselves mired in sin that separates us from God. The laws of God are laws of a loving Father so his children may live in his joy.

"The Church needs the courage, and love, to be clear in inviting people to leave their sin.

"What Jesus offers is better than what the world offers the person in sin, and his grace and power is sufficient to free anyone from the slavery to sin."

In powerful, uplifting fashion, Archbishop Aquila has taught in communion with Pope Francis.

That is where authentic Church teaching is found.


Mark Thomas

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Pope Francis disagrees with you. In his AP interview he said he appreciates criticism.

TJM said...

Father McDonald gives a fine example of “brevity is the soul of wit.”

Anonymous said...

Father McDonald said..."Pope Francis disagrees with you. In his AP interview he said he appreciates criticism."

I do not disagree with Pope Francis. From the dawn of his Pontificate, everybody has known that he is open to frank, honest, dialogue.

What you have omitted in regard to the AP interview is that Pope Francis insisted that his critics express themselves "to my face."

In different interviews, Pope Francis rejected as the "work of the devil," attacks against His Holiness that his critics have launched via the media.

Pope Francis has made it clear that as he is a sinner, he deserves to be called out in that regard. But do so to his face. Otherwise, he noted that those who attack via the media, disturb the tranquility of the Church.

Pope Francis added:

"Yes, there are also clerics who make nasty comments about me. I sometimes lose patience, especially when they make judgments without entering into a real dialogue. I can’t do anything there."

"However, I go on without entering their world of ideas and fantasies. I don’t want to enter it and that’s why I prefer to preach, preach."

Bottom line:

Pope Francis has made clear that he is open to frank, honest, dialogue...but he has insisted that his critics engage him to his face.

Otherwise, in regard to his critics, Pope Francis will "go on without entering their world of ideas and fantasies. I don’t want to enter it."

I agree with Pope Francis.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Father McDonald, Archbishop Aquila disagrees with you in regard to Pope Francis and the Synod.

Archbishop Aquila, in communion with the Vicar of Christ, has promoted Pope Francis' very clear, wonderful, and orthodox teachings in regard to the Synod.

May we join Archbishop Aquila's holy example of having accepted, as well as promoted, the true teachings, as taught by Pope Francis, in regard to the Holy Ghost-driven Synod.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Now a return to reality:

Father McDonald, you will find this interesting:

Anonymous said...

Father McDonald, I respect you greatly. I know that you are God's holy priest.

Therefore, I am not been thrilled whenever I have disagreed with you. But there has not been anything personal whenever I have done so.

I appreciate that you permit frank, honest, dialogue on your blog. That is not the case in regard to many, if not the majority, of Catholic bloggers I have encountered. One either marches in lockstep with his, or her, opinions, or one is banned from said blogs.

Anyway, despite being opinionated, and desirous to defend my comments, I have experienced a certain level of discomfort each time that I have disagreed with you.

Father McDonald, please help me in that regard. Please begin by agreeing with me more often.


Father McDonald, you are a good man.

Thank you.