Tuesday, February 7, 2023


You may not know that the Chairman of the Liturgy Committee of the USCCB is Bishop Stephen Lopes of the Ordinariate Diocese of America.

They are very much a part on the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church. However, their Mass and spirituality takes into account the Anglican Communion’s patrimony of liturgy and spirituality compatible with Catholic doctrine, dogma and spirituality, or better yet, spiritualities.

Their Missal, Divine Worship, not only takes into account Anglican sensibilities, some of which I think are too wordy, but I digress, but also our own Tridentine sensibilities too. 

Thus, would it be too much to ask Bishop Lopes to put forward to Pope Francis an inculturated American Roman Missal for Latin Rite Catholics who are not a part of the Ordinariate that has the Ordinariate’s Tridentine sensibilities as an option.  Our Tridentine heritage is a part of our splendid European culture which we need to celebrate and embrace as other cultures are encouraged to do in the Church and Mass.

These would be applied to the current Latin Rite’s Typical Roman Missal of 2011 as an option to be found in an appendix:

1. Prayers at the Foot of the Altar with the Tridentine Order of the Mass

2. The use of the Gradual printed in the Missal along with the Proper and full Introit, Offertory and Communion Antiphons 

3. The Traditional Offertory Prayers in full

4. The Tridentine Rubrics for the Roman Canon in English or Latin

5. The Triple “Lord I am not worthy”

6. The Tridentine Order for the Mass’s Conclusion, meaning the Dismissal First, followed by the priest’s quietly praying the Placeat and then the Final Blessing, followed by the Last Gospel, but the last Gospel optional 

7. The Restoration of Septuagesima with the propers and correct readings

8. Restoration of rotation and ember days

Is that too much to ask? No, when you consider that the pope has no problem with civil same sex unions and could care less about the sin of fornication and adultery.

Why not an American Roman Missal??????


rcg said...

Yikes! The same reason we should never hope for an American Pope. Instead of Burke we would be lucky to get Cupich. How about we use the ‘63 missal and you have option to read from the right column. And dancing allowed during doughnuts and coffee.

TJM said...

Because the Pope is a mean spirited and rigid “liberal.” Failure Uber Alles! Double Down!