Monday, November 6, 2017


Let’s just thank God IT IS. Fake news!

The British Catholic publication, The Tabletreported today that the supposed “ecumenical Mass” which Vaticanologist Marco Tosatti described as being secretly in preparation, is fake news.
The Vatican has strongly denied reports that a commission has been established examining the possibility of a setting up an “ecumenical Mass” which would allow Catholics and Protestants to celebrate a shared Eucharist.
Archbishop Arthur Roche, the number two official at the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, told The Tablet that reports of a joint Mass were “utterly false” while Greg Burke, Director of the Holy See Press Office, described them as “simply untrue.”
A report in First Things quoted anonymous sources saying that Archbishop Roche and Archbishop Piero Marini – the former Master of Ceremonies for John Paul II – were both involved in the commission while the Prefect of the congregation, Cardinal Robert Sarah, whose views on the liturgy have sometimes clashed with Pope Francis’, had not been informed. The First Things story was later followed up in The Australian who put the claims of a possible joint Mass to the Vatican but did not receive a response.


Mark Thomas said...

The Ecumenical Mass story was believable? I dismissed the story in question as preposterous when, via Twitter, I encountered right-wingers who had promoted the story as "proof" that "heretic" Pope Francis hated and desired to destroy Holy Mother Church.

Other than Pope Francis' most fanatical haters, who on earth found the Ecumenical Mass story believable?

The Ecumenical Mass story is part of the endless nonsense that has been concocted to defame His Holiness Pope Francis.


Mark Thomas

Rood Screen said...

It seems to me that the present order of Mass can (though shouldn't) already be adapted for this purpose. At any rate, it is good to learn that the Vatican doesn't merely clarify that good things are not about to happen (e.g. ad orientem), but also bad things such as this.

Anonymous said...

As the Eastern Orthodox have pointed out, there cannot be reunion among Christians unless there is full agreement on faith...and the follow-up is that unless there is full agreement on faith, there cannot be sharing of communion among Christians. So an "ecumenical Mass" is an oxymoron, some might compare to the terms "government efficiency" or "Baptist liturgy."

That is different from saying that some Protestants have "copied" Roman texts for their liturgy. I remember an Episcopal bishop in Virginia years ago telling me how Vatican 2 shaped liturgical reform in that denomination, as seen by their Rites 1 and 2 for Holy Eucharist. Yesteday's All Saints; Sunday Eucharist at Atlanta's (Episcopal) Cathedral of St,. Philip followed an order little different from your typical Catholic Mass. There was the Gloria (sung in Latin, believe it or not), the three readings and the Pslams, even the Sanctus and Agnus Dei sung in Latin byt eh choir. And the celebrant wore the standard Eucharistic vestments---alb, stole and chasuble. But while the Eucharistic liturgies of the two churches "look the same", that is not the same is saying they reflect the same beliefs (which of course they don't). The 39 Articles of the Episcopal Church (found in the back of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer) among other things reject transubstantiation andveneration of saints.

Anonymous said...

They just got caught thats all. I have no doubt that Francis was and is writing this new "MASS".

He may be ruthless but he is no dumby.

He can't push too hard. He has already undermined the sacraments of the Eucharist, Marriage, and Penance. Now his sights are the priesthood. One thing at a time. He will probablly have the blessings for gay unions normalised by another take synod before he installs the great abomination in all the churches.

Anonymous said...

"...before he installs the great abomination in all the churches."

You've been reading too many Dan Brown novels. Worse, you've been believing them.

Gene said...

I don't think conspiracy theories are necessary a la Dan Brown's mediocre novels. The Pope is just a reflection of the secular, progressive zeitgeist and the socialist politics of his own South America, just as Priests like Kavanaugh reflect the secular progressive mentality in our own country. Somewhere along the line they missed the part about "in the world, but not of it." When Satan offerered Jesus "all the kingdoms of the world" and supreme political power, the fact that Jesus rejected it is not the point. The point is that Jesus never questioned Satan's ownership of these things...Christ never questioned Satan's right to offer them.

Henry said...

Actually, the report of an Ecumenical Mass is true--it already exists, in the form of the Novus Ordo, with Eucharistic Prayer II and its non-propitiatory offertory prayers. Nothing here for a Lutheran to object to. Indeed, some Protestants already use EP II.

Anonymous said...

The great abomination is of course mentioned in sacred sripture not Dan Brown. Someone clearly has not been reading their bible.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Great Abomination is mentioned in Scripture. So are talking asses, chatty serpents, and sea monsters.


Henry said...

Although EP II already exists for ready use by protestants both within and without the Church, these Vatican press office denials may serve mainly to confirm the existence of a group with the membership alluded to in the First Things article, working to fabricate afresh an even more ecumenical (i.e., watered down) Mass for joint use. After all, that’s how things seem to go in this corrupt papacy—report … denial … bingo, it’s true.

Anonymous 2 said...


Then shouldn’t you want a radical divide between Church and State, religion and politics? Why do you even care what the State law is on abortion, contraception, gay marriage, taxation, immigration, international trade, business regulation, health care, and on and on, if the State and its laws all belong to/emanate from Satan? And yet you seem to care so much about these things and to be supportive of Donald Trump’s and extreme Republican views on them? Please explain it to me (like I was a six year old).

Cue: Augustine, Aquinas, etc. (I hope).

Gene said...

Indeed, we have a talking ass on the's Kavanaugh. See, miracles still happen!!! LOL!