Thursday, November 2, 2017


I understand that my former parish is continuing the tradition tonight of the Faure's Requiem Mass. I am not sure if it is EF or OF--but congratulations to Ms. Nelda Chapman and the St. Joseph combined choirs!

This is 2015's All Soul's Requiem:


Mark Thomas said...

How many folks in the photo that accompanied this post are "confused" as to Church teaching? How many fret each day in regard to Amoris Laetitia.

Critics of His Holiness Pope Francis claim that that the Pope has unleashed massive chaos and confusion within the Church. We are led to believe that pews are filled with confused Catholics. Catholics are unable to sleep at night as they are filled, supposedly, with anxiety as the result of Amoris Laetitia's "heretical" teachings.

So great has been the confusion unleashed by Pope Francis that confusion and anxiety exist even among the pets of folks confused by the Pope.

Hamsters, fish, turtles, cats...even poodles — toy, miniature, and standard poodles...well, not so much standard poodles. As compared to standard poodles, toy and miniature poodles are more apt to fall into confused states in regard to Pope Francis' teachings.

So much supposed chaos and confusion within the Church. However, where are the confused and anxiety-ridden Catholics? I have not encountered said folks. I have not met said folks. Where are they?

I don't know any brother or sister in the Faith who has fretted over Amoris Laetitia. I don't know any Catholic who has lost sleep as the result of Cardinal Bergoglio's elevation to the Throne of Saint Peter.

Perhaps the folks in the photograph in question are in a state of confusion in regard to Pope Francis' teachings. Perhaps Pope Francis has unleashed anxiety among said folks.

Yeah. Right.


Mark Thomas

John Nolan said...

The essence of the Requiem Mass in the Roman Rite lies in the sung Propers - Introit, Gradual, Tract, Sequence, Offertory, Communio. These were for a long time only in chant, since polyphony was regarded as too frivolous. Later composers set the Proper texts, whereas other Mass settings were confined to the Ordinary.

They can also be used in the Novus Ordo, and frequently are.

ByzRus said...

Mark Thomas,

This post is about the All Soul's Requiem at Fr's former parish. It would be welcomed if you periodically turned off the propaganda machine and focused on Christ as opposed to his elected by man vicar on earth. I'm assuming you do do that.

As for the faithful and their concern or, lack thereof, if they aren't, they should be. Walking around in ignorance is no excuse.

Anonymous said...

The mass of people are apathetic. So what?

TJM said...


You're dealing with a simpleton

Gene said...

Mark Thomas, Is your faith so brittle that it stands or falls with your defense of this man? The Pope is not the Church. Catholic Doctrine transcends the Pope. Our faith in Christ and our love of the Church does not require validation by some rabid and Jesuitical defense of any Pope.

Anonymous said...

Note the ad hominem attacks against Mark Thomas.

Rarely, if ever, does any of his learned despisers take issue with the facts he presents.


Gerbert d' Aurillac said...

The Mass last night was done in the EF using the old high alter. Fr. Wenchel's latin was really good! It was a beautiful spirit filled evening. It could have been promoted better and earlier for better attendance.

Anonymous said...

Fact: Ultamontanism is a heresy.

Fact: Papalotry is idolatry.

Fact: Mark Thomas is an ultramontanist.

Fact: Mark Thomas is a papalotor.

Pointing out that he's a pope-worshipper is the argument against him. That fact is the fact with which his "despisers" are taking issue.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 9:20 am,

You failed to complete your syllogism:

Ultamontanism is a heresy. Mark Thomas is an ultramontanist. Hence Mark Thomas is a heretic.

Anonymous said...

"Fact: Mark Thomas is an ultramontanist"

VERDICT: Unsubstantiated

Fact: Mark Thomas is a papalotor.

VERDICT: Unproven (personal speculation)

Keep attacking his person, not his statements...

ByzRus said...

Anonymous at 8:32 -

You are out of line. I certainly do not despise Mark Thomas - I've never met him! I might not agree with his opinions, his view on this pope and the papacy generally and at times I question the appropriateness of his commentary relative to the posting as I did here but, I don't despise him. Your remarks are inflammatory but, I suspect in typical liberal fashion, that's what you were hoping for.

Anonymous said...

"Keep attacking his person, not his statements..."

Will do.

Anonymous said...

The All Soul's Day Requiem Mass at St. Joseph in Macon was a Latin EF Mass.
The choir was fabulous and the Mass was reverent, holy, and beautiful.

I agree that more and earlier promotion would have been good for attendance. The choir worked hard to prepare and felt a bit discouraged that the attendance was less than typical.
Fr. Winchel is still a bit nervous, as this was only his second EF Mass..perhaps that is why he chose to not promote it much...keep attention off himself while he's still learning the Latin Ropes. Just my speculation.

Anonymous said...

Byz - Keep attacking him personally. And you don't have to know him to attack him personally.

Your inflammatory remarks are part and parcel of one of the greatest evils in our society today - lack of respect for others.

Keep telling yourself you're just being "a good Catholic."

John Nolan said...

Ultramontanism is not, and never has been, a heresy. If it were, most of the bishops at the first Vatican Council would have been heretics. As far as I know, the only people who talked of 'the heresy of ultramontanism' were the breakaway 'Old Catholics' who were declared schismatics and who removed the pope's name from the canon of the Mass (and, for good measure, the names of the early Roman martyrs.

If MT wants to believe that the Holy Ghost speaks through Pope Francis, he can do so without subscribing to heresy. However, should Francis believe this himself, or believe he has a divine mandate to push the Church in whatever direction he pleases, that is a horse of a very different colour.