Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Here are some photos from the Macon Telegraph and below is a video from WMAZ TV.
One of my parishioners, Michael Taylor, who owns Micheal's Restaurant was paid $4,000 to have his restaurant boarded up and closed for a day. A resident above his store was paid $500 to keep all his lights turned off during shooting! All this is within a block of Saint Joseph Church. I would have let us be boarded up for $4000 and I would have taken $500 to keep my lights off too!

After I exercised this morning at the Macon Health Club, which next door to it was all the vans and equipment for the new movie being filmed in Macon, I have to say that the set decorators have really done a terrific job of making Macon look like a disaster zone.

There is trash strewn everywhere and this is called ART in the movie business. 


Anonymous said...

Father, you should go to the casting call and suggest that (letting them board up the church). Maybe they'll work it in! (Mercenaries running to the church for sanctuary, and finding it boarded up!) :-)

Karen Carpenter said...

Fr. Mac, I think I see that canopy you installed over the presider's chair for Bishop Hartmayer's first visit - you know, the one you "lost" - in those pictures. Maybe you could get it back for his next visit at the end of the month...!