Thursday, January 8, 2015


Is there any wonder why in the northeast 88% of Catholics no longer attend Mass, not to mention men who don't?

On top of this did Fred Flintstone design the liturgical furnishings in this church or maybe it was Hannah/Barbera?

How long can you stomach watching this. And this was at an Easter Vigil no less in 2013!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Even if this movement isn't dead yet, I think we can say with some certainty that it is dying and won't be revived.

John Nolan said...

Actually, it's California, not the northeast. I have seen similar videos of liturgical abuse and those who are in the audience seem to accept it, albeit with no great enthusiasm. They literally know no better.

Our friend Fr Kavanaugh admits to being 55 years old, which means that he has no memory of the pre-1965 Mass, and can easily convince himself that the Mass he was trained to celebrate in the 1970s is the Traditional Mass and there was no rupture in the 1960s. Those who experienced the period 1964-1967 at first hand know different. Like many priests of his generation he was expected to celebrate only in the vernacular, and was not concerned that the 1967-1974 ICEL redactions did not accurately convey the meaning of the Latin originals, since he did not know, nor was expected to know, the original texts.

Even Pope Francis, who is old enough to remember the pre-Conciliar Mass and no doubt served it on numerous occasions (although he has not, to the best of my knowledge, ever celebrated it) seems to find it strange that young people are attracted to it. He seems to tolerate the classic Roman Rite in the way that a modern railway company can tolerate the odd 'steam special' running over its metals; an exercise in 'heritage' nostalgia, but hardly relevant to the modern era.

If this is indeed his view, he is profoundly mistaken. His predecessor knew better, and SP recognized this. The idea that Benedict emancipated the Vetus Ordo in a (failed) attempt to reconcile the SSPX is false, and quite palpably so.

qwikness said...

What religion is that? Looks like Druids at the Summer Solstice. Talk about paganized feminism.

MR said...

This is from my diocese. Thankfully we have an excellent Bishop who is working to prevent this kind of craziness.

Cletus Ordo said...

Hey folks, we got what we deserve. They insisted that the Old Rite was abrogated and we followed like sheep. They insisted that we toss the old hymns and break out the guitars and we followed like sheep. Our pastors took off their clerics whenever they were off the parish grounds and we said, "Well, the bishop says he's a good man and he seems so nice," and we raised no objections. They told us that we HAD to receive Communion in the hand and we did, without bothering to check what the Church's actual position was. They told us we had to renovate our church buildings and we not only went along with it, we raised the money to pay for it. They told us we weren't participating at Mass, and we followed them mindlessly into the sanctuary, insisting that we had the "right" to distribute Communion, read from the ambo, put our lay paws all over the sacred vessels and the like. We were told that the liturgical committees would determine the norms for our parishes and we let them do it. When we saw Fr. Whomever in his lay clothes out to dinner with Mrs Whoseit. or Miss Nothingatall or Sister Whatsit, we just looked the other way, because, after all, "He is so nice." Sister Whatsit threw away her habit, closed down the school and became a social worker for "peace and justice" and we just smiled and threw money at her.

Most of us over 45 knew the Baltimore Catechism. Most of us knew what we had been taught, but we chose to ignore it. We drank the Kool-Aid when we were told that Vatican II created a "new Church". We sat by like suckers and let this happen. Why are we surprised now? We've gotten just what we deserve.

JusadBellum said...

It's not a part of our culture. Thus it is not properly inculturated for America. As such it does damage and insults us.

If they were Africans or Mexican indians dancing according to their ancient cultural distinction between sacred and profane dance, that would be at least understandable.

BUT WESTERN EUROPEAN cultures NEVER had 'sacred dance' as part of our Christian culture. For us, dance was and is always a profane, banal, non-sacral affair.

Inasmuch as most of us at Mass are from European stock, this sort of liturgy has no place.

Next, the architecture: cold, ugly, grey poured concrete. No symmetry between altar, foliage, and crucifix. No symmetry between ambo and altar. All off center and a mishmash of coloring and styles. Altar doesn't match ambo which doesn't match blank wall. This sort of architecture is designed to annoy, to set up a chaos (inasmuch as it is doesn't follow a pattern, and the mind looks for patterns).

Costumes: reverse stoles - like wearing a priestly garb backward. Bare feet.

None of this represents our culture. none of this links us with our ancestors in the faith. if they want to represent Greek Christians, then where are the Greek liturgical touches? Not even early Greek Christians "danced" in the liturgy!

People are going to have start standing up and making a scene during these displays of cultural aggression.

Carol H. said...

It looked like a bunch of overgrown 3 year olds pretending to be flower fairies. Maybe the result of legalized medical Marijuana?

Rood Screen said...

This isn't about masculinity versus femininity, but about homosexuality.

Anonymous said...

Inasmuch that there is no presence of the Blessed Sacrament in the "sanctuary" of that Flintstones' cave I believe I would have every right to join in on the dancing and ridicule it. The banners being twirled might end up around the old effeminate dancer's neck too. If this makes any kind of comeback in churches in my area when I'm present I won't sit still in the pew. I would certainly at least get up and scream that it's a filthy sacrilege and walk out.


Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

John - The mass the Church gives me to celebrate is the Traditional mass. It varies in traditional, meaning historical, ways from the pre-1965 mass, but it is the Traditional mass in every way that matters.

rcg said...

'Beneath the Planet of the Apes' had a religious ceremony that resembled this one very much. It sticks in my mind because it reminded me, even then and uncomfortably, of what I was seeing at Mass. It was released in 1970. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Welcome back RCG! Where have you been?

Rood Screen said...

Father MacDonald,

rcg has clearly just returned from beneath the Planet of the Apes. Welcome back, rcg!

rcg said...

I have been in darkness. I have discovered that there are millions of people in the desert.

rcg said...

Sorry to be redundant in posting but I want to thank John Nolan for helping me find Our Lady of Perpetual Succour in Chesham Bois. They contacted a friend, from the RAF who fell into terrible health these last few years and suffered mightily. He was, to some extent, all alone as his wife has advanced Alzheimer's and his children scattered, one in London and one in USA. He was astonished to find they did Latin Mass and got to it when he could. He even remarked to his non-practicing children how much it meant to him. I can see in his daughter's eyes that it lifted him and affected her as well.

His name was Robin. I always thought that was a cool name for fellow in the RAF.

Anonymous said...


The altar looks to me like a giant brick laid on its side.

And to what was the profound bow at the beginning? They were bowing with great reverence to a stone slab and a blank wall. Where's the tabernacle?

And canned music? How classy!

What I found most ironic is the dressing of the altar (which has always been done without fanfare and ceremony before the liturgy begins) here is done with great ceremony and takes over 6 minutes. When they are done (I thought that guy was going to catapult the censor!) the priest walks to the altar from the side unceremoniously and without fanfare, not with a procession with servers and candles and incense, as is normally done. Seems like the lunatics are running the asylum.

Oh, and I really disagree with Cletus Ordo that somehow this is our fault and "we got what we deserve" because we just sat there and allowed this to happen. I don't remember anyone taking a poll or asking even in the least about the institution of the Novus Ordo or any other change. And if any of you were alive when it happened, if you recall, EVERYONE in the pews was horrified and complained at the changes, especially when the new free standing altars were installed. And they were promptly ignored and labeled as "difficult." The only thing you could do was vote with your feet. Thus the exodus we have seen.

Joseph Johnson said...

I think John Nolan's analogy of the attitude of some peoples' attitude (including the present Pope) toward the EF Mass as being like the attitude of some modern railroads towards an occasional "steam special" riding on their rails is very apropo (I have often thought the exact same thing myself, being a rider of steam specials when they are/were available).

I am trying to prepare some catechetical classes for my parish on the EF Mass (with my pastor's approval) in advance of a parish trip that some of us will make to the EF Mass in Savannah. Some have approached me in anticipation of the classes and trip and talking about how important it is to "preserve our heritage." I have had to politely correct a some of these well-meaning parishioners by reminding them that the EF Mass is not just about "the way we were"----no, it is also about the way we ARE and a part of how it WILL be! Thanks for the new slogan at the heading of this blog, Father McDonald!

John Nolan said...


The parish priest at Chesham Bois, Fr Bernard Davenport, died on 11 December 2012 at the age of 85. He had served the parish since 1982 and despite worsening health, never retired.

The Sunday EF Mass continues, albeit at the earlier hour of 8 a.m., celebrated by Fr de Malleray or Fr Goddard of the FSSP. Once a month it is a sung Mass.

Anonymous said...

One more VII hippie priest gone John. Good riddance...Soon they'll all be gone and we can take our Church back.

rcg said...

Anon, if it makes you feel better. That is exactly wrong. You might want to delete that post.

Anonymous 2 said...

Anonymous at 6:19 p.m.

I did not know Father Davenport. I suspect John Nolan may have known him and perhaps rcg has met him too. Did you know him? In any event, this is an official announcement from the diocese:

11th December - RIP Fr Bernard Davenport. Bishop Peter writes: "Father Bernard Davenport, Parish Priest of Our Lady's, Chesham Bois, died peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday morning. He was being cared for at St. Vincent's Nursing Home, Pinner following the diagnosis of a terminal illness. Father Ben had been a faithful priest of the Diocese for more than 59 years. He had a great love of the missions, and one of the first messages of condolence was from a priest in East Africa. In the sure hope of the resurrection we commend him to the Lord". Fr Ben was ordained in 1953, serving in Slough, Peterborough, Leighton Buzzard, and Bedford, then a period as Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies. He had been parish priest at Chesham Bois since 1982. His body was received into Our Lady's at Chesham Bois on Thursday 20th at 7:30pm and the Requiem Mass was on Friday 21st December, at St Aidan's, Little Chalfont.

John Nolan said...

Father Davenport RIP had been offering the Traditional Mass as the principal Sunday Mass at Chesham Bois for twenty years before his death. I understand that this was at the request of a number of his parishioners. The church is a small one, built in 1915 when there were few Catholics in the area. It seats a mere 70 people and was (and still is) about three-quarters full for the TLM.

I remember him in his last years - he could not genuflect and had to recite the Leonine prayers sitting in a chair. His Latin was wonderfully fluent. After he died the Bishop of Northampton (Peter Doyle) made sure there was always a priest who could be parachuted in to say the Traditional Mass until the present arrangement with the FSSP was effected in August 2013. Again this was on the Bishop's initiative.

WSquared said...

Sorry, Father.

I couldn't watch more than a few seconds, and the few seconds that I saw reminded me of an old episode of Star Trek or Doctor Who.

I'm just thankful I wasn't eating or drinking anything when I first started watching it.