Friday, April 6, 2012


Father Dawid, a visiting priest and I heard confessions following our 12 noon Stations of the Cross, all three of us for an hour and a half.

We had the Stations of the Cross again at 3:00 PM. As at 12 Noon, the Church was full. This time only Fr. Dawid and I heard Confessions following the Stations. Both of us heard Confessions for nearly two hours!

We just finished the main Liturgy of Good Friday which began at 7:00 PM and lasted to about 8:30 PM. The Church was almost full again. We followed the new rubrics for the veneration of the Cross. We had a very large Cross and only one. We began at the entrance of the Church and as with the Paschal Candle, Fr. Dawid, the celebrant chanted "Behold the wood..." and our new response, "Come let us adore." At the Sanctuary after the third invocation, Fr. Dawid took off his chasuble, stole and shoes and venerated the Holy Cross and the rest of the ministers did.

Then the entire congregation came forward and venerated the One Holy Cross--it did not take that long and our choir chanted various appropriate chants throughout.

I was freaking out about how long it would take for the veneration of the Cross, but it wasn't bad at all and it was very reverent and prayerful!

I will update this with photos as Dr. Buck Melton was doing his photography thing tonight again.

This is a portion of St. Peter's Good Friday Liturgy, with the Holy Father taking off chasuble and shoes to go and venerate the Holy Cross; Father Dawid did this last night, but his barefootedness wasn't as powerful as the Holy Father's and the Holy Father had some distance to walk to get to the Holy Cross. Please note how St. Peter's altar is stripped for Good Friday:


ytc said...

Sounds great.

Can't wait until your "reform of the reform" Mass and EF Mass videos are put up

Templar said...

Last Saturday at the "normal" time for confessions (3PM to 4PM) most of my family made Confession. When my turn came it was almost 4PM already and there were still 25 people in line behind me. Father Kwiatkowski stayed in that Confessional past 4, past 430PM when the Vigil Mass began, and for some time well into the Mass to hear all those Confessions.

This now is the fruit and evidence that what Father McDonald is doing at St Joseph is pleasing to Our Lord.

Anonymous said...

The success of a priesthood can be measured by the length of the confession line.