Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Our Good Friday Liturgy from last year with multiple crosses used for veneration, but the large one is the one that was carried in procession:

These are the two new rubrics:

For the Adoration of the Cross, first the Priest Celebrant alone approaches, with the chasuble and his shoes removed, if appropriate (not sure what not appropriate would be). Then the clergy, the lay ministers and the faithful approach moving as if in procession, and showing reverence to the Cross by a simply genuflection or by some other sign appropriate to the usage of the region, for example, by kissing the Cross.

Here's the kicker!!!

Only one Cross should be offered for adoration. If, because of the large number of people, it is not possible for all to approach individually, the priest after some of the clergy and faithful have adored, takes the Cross and standing in the middle before the altar, invites the people in a few words to adore the Holy Cross and afterwards holds the Cross elevated higher for a brief time, for the faithful to adore in in silence.

YIKES, we always have three crosses to facilitate everyone coming forward--what to do????


Anonymous said...

I believe this one instance where the OF rubrics got it right. It strikes me that 3 crosses at Veneration of the Cross is like 3 concelebrants at Holy Mass . . . Which one is the real one?

Anonymous said...

Would it be liturgically correct to have a quiet commentary read - sort of like during Eucharistic adorations - in lieu of music/choir so as to allow for the longer procession?

Commentary on the custom of this tradition.
Commentary on the difference between veneration and adoratio (admittedly the "come let us worship" needs to conclude "Christ" not "wood".)

ytc said...

I guess you either have to lengthen the liturgy or do the "too many people" option.

Templar said...

Put the kneelers out and using a moderate sized cross, alternate back and forth between the 2 kneelers allowing the Parishoners to venerate te cross. The kneelers will relfill 2 at a time as you alternate back and forth. Shouldn't add too much time to the process, and really, are we in such a rush that we have to worry about an extra 15 minutes spent in Mass?

Anonymous said...


I agree with Henry, and would add 3 (or more) chalices to that list as well.

One crucifix.

One celebrant.

One chalice.

Makes things easier, no?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

The picture I have posted is not from my parish, but we have a large cross similar to it that we can place a rather large crucifix on and this would allow for more people to touch the cross at the same time. So I'll experiment with it this Good Friday and see if we can get the entire church to do this. One more change for me to get nervous about.

Anonymous said...

Say, the black, do the red. :)

TCR said...

One large crucifix with several people simply venerating it at once (e.g. photo) would be wonderful. It would be similar to a brief touch of His robe as He passed by.

Mr. WAC said...

After the conclusion of the service, when the clergy have gone, have ushers come back with the crosses for the laity to venerate. (this is what is done at the Franciscan Monastery in DC)

Anonymous said...

They had about 6 crosses to adore in my home NO parish. But then again they have a plethora of EMHC's and about 9 of the 12 Altar "persons" are girls. I guess the GIRM don't apply here.