Thursday, September 23, 2010


I taught our 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders this afternoon at our school. I had copies of the new greeting, Confiteor, and Gloria. I also had the old version side by side with the new.

We started with the new greeting and their response "and with your spirit." I explained to them the reason for the change and even the second graders got it and are excited about this change.

Then we recited the old Confiteor and the new one, especially emphasizing "through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault! All of the classes, especially the 4th graders said it really did make them feel bad for their sins with such a strong emphasis on their personal culpability! They like it!

Next we recited the old and new Gloria. I asked the 4th graders what they noticed was the biggest change. One raise her hand and said that the new one had added a four line sentence that wasn't in the old. I explained to them that 40 years ago those who translated the Mass tried to make things simple and in doing so made things dumb. They got it and even laughed.

I think these kids are as excited about the new English translation as I was as a 7th grader when the Latin Mass went to English for the first time. It was thrilling back then. I can't say the kids are as thrilled, but they are excited and want to start doing it right away. But alas, I said, in humble obedience to my bishop, I'll wait until we all do it together throughout our diocese!

They think the new is better or new and improved and I must agree with the children on this one! I can hardly wait for it to be implemented! This is exciting folks!


Marc said...


I like to picture a 4th grader actually saying: "The new Confiteor really does make me feel badly for my sins because of its strong emphasis on my personal culpability!"

I think that catechists should not believe they have properly catechized children unless and until that statement is made by the child verbatim!

How do these kids feel about ad orientem? ;-)

Dan said...

I'm WAY past 4th grade and I'm excited too! I am even thinking about getting my own missal when the new versions are out.

Lori said...

I'm really excited about it!! In the choir we will get to practice the parts early ( I hope!) :P

I hope that the kids will continue to be excited to find the parts of the pass as personal as well as communal. Saying "I believe" and "thought MY most grievous fault" will hopefully bring us to more responsibility.