Saturday, September 11, 2010


Last night the Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Augusta celebrated its 200th anniversary. I found a disc of photos given me at my departure as pastor in 2004 and I share them with you. Archbishop Edwin O'Brien of Baltimore was the principle celebrant and homilist. He spoke of Most Holy Trinity's first pastor Fr. Brown as a renegade pastor who with the help of a cohort in Charleston tried to form an independent Catholic Church in Georgia and South Carolina. Trustee-ism was taking root in the new colony and was a threat to the authorities of the Church of this period. Most Holy Trinity was founded by Archbishop Carroll of Baltimore and a part of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, then the newly created Charleston, SC diocese and then in 1850, the Diocese of Savannah. In no way did I attempt any sort of independent movement from the diocese or Rome in my time as pastor 1991-2004. What I did was small potatoes in comparison to Fr. Brown! Enjoy the photos

Most Holy Trinity in 1894

Two of Most Holy Trinity's finest ladies!

After Mass greetings (Polish visitors to Most Holy Trinity)

Some folks at Most Holy Trinity

Chilling out on the high seas!

Preaching at Mass in the home town of Joseph Stalin, Gori, Georgia (Mass in a home)

Preaching at Most Holy Trinity's sister parish in Tblisi, Republic of Georgia

Parish picnic at Most Holy Trinity

Christmas at Most Holy Trinity, we weren't always orthodox!

Senator Strom Thurmond attending a wedding at Most Holy Trinity


Anonymous said...

OK. It has to be said: Nice legs!

:o) mg said...

Loved seeing "Miss Margaret"!!

Templar said...

Your journey as a Priest has certainly been a long one Father, both geographic and spiritual it would appear.

Anonymous said...

That is all cool stuff. Especially the trip to Georgia. The other one.

Jenny said...

Ah, Nellis, such a lovely man God rest his soul!