Saturday, April 24, 2010


This glorious Votive Mass in Honor of Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest, was photographed by Dr. Buck Melton. Many thanks for his time and talent in taking these and other glorious pictures! The Order of the Mass can be found a few posts down from this one, including my homily. I noticed Buck didn't take any photos of me preaching. Maybe I was too Joel Osteenish? Or Jerry Falwellish? of Billy Grahamish? or Mega Churchish?

Click on any picture once or twice and it will blow up, not responsible for damages!

The Choirs of St. Joseph with Ms. Nelda Chapman organist and music director and Beau Palmer, cantor

The Processional

After the Processional and incensation of the Altar, the Introductory Rite

Vidi Aquam and also "feely" Aquam!

To the far left, the lector proclaiming the Epistle reading

The procession of the Book of the Gospel from the altar to the ambo

The incensation and proclamation of the Holy Gospel by the deacon

Presentation of the Gifts of Bread and Wine

4th Degree Knights of Columbus Honor Guard, today, we priests need all the security and protection we can get!

The beginning of the Roman Canon

The consecration of the Most Holy Body of our Lord

The elevation of the Host, "My Lord and My God!"

Consecration of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord

The elevation of the chalice, "My Lord, and my God!"

The Per Ipsum

The Our Father chanted in English

Ecce Agnus Dei!

Some loving words for their priests

After the recessional has been canned, the school children make their wonderful presentation to honor their priests!

The Recessional, Regina Caeli is sung, Deo Gratias!


Seeker said...

What a beautiful celebration! Just like the stewardship video, people (clergy included) at St. Joesph are blessed. A community decicated to service and worship of the Lord. I know I was thoroughly fed during my time there. Giving back is what its all about and the folks at St. Joe's make that easy to do. Eager to welcome and make one feel apart of the larger community of God. What a wonderful way to say thank you to our servants of God then a most reverent celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ. Great photos by Buck, I think he has a knack for this sort of thing!

Unknown said...

Too Joel Osteenish? Hardly. The theme of your homily - the priest is there to point the congregation to Christ not himself - contradicts the self-glorification one find in so much televangelism.

Gene said... can't preach like them until you get a new hairdo and a Versacci suit. They can't preach like you until they get Christian Theology...(sigh).

Anonymous said...

I think if more priests pointed to Christ, Father, and Holy Spirit there would be much less shortage of clergy.