Saturday, April 10, 2010


She stands by her story. I wasn't asking her about her story in the paper, but the Boston Globe's coverage of sex abuse scandals in Boston's Public school system and their reformatories. Her answer would make Cardinal Law blush! I think her answers says it all, the main stream media is anti-Catholic! Perhaps the papal homilist Fr. Cantalamessa on Good Friday used a bit of hyperbole, but he was on track!

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Fr. McDonald:
I don't answer for the New York Times, only for myself.
I stand by my column.
Sincerely, Joan Vennochi.

My response:

Thanks, but it does sound like a cover up to me! You need to report on your reporters! I'll print your statement on my blog! God bless you.
Fr. Allan J. McDonald


Seeker said...

Good job Father. Little by little they will crack and "brick by brick" WE will build up the Church of Christ.
Her response is typical of the MSM. They are all trying to get "the story" that will sell copy no matter what. They have no time for the Truth. And you are right about Fr. C too! He made them all stand up and take notice even if they did get it wrong, again.

Henry Edwards said...

Seriously, Father, you asked too many questions. To have any chance of a reply from some who considers herself as busy and important as Ms. Vennochi, you should ask only one simple answer calling for a short simple answer. Such as:

"In 2009 there were six (6) credible reports of sexual abuse violations in the U.S. Catholic Church (with 68 million members). In recent years there have been about 20 thousand (20,000) such reports annually in U.S. public schools. Could you tell me

(a) Either how many articles you have written about sex abuse in the public schools in the last year, or
(b) Whether you have written (or planned to write) an article about the fact that the Catholic Church is by far the country's safest institution for children.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

It amazes me how callous the main stream press is and totally ignorant of their own codes of secrecy and not calling one another to accountability, especially their bosses! who says the Catholic hierarchy has a monopoly on these sorts of things. The whole thing is so absurd! But thank God for the new media! Could you imagine if we only had the skunks that own The New York Times, etc and their lackeys to report on this, what would we have done? Joan couldn't report the truth about other reporters, her bosses or herself, she'd get black balled and perhaps fired, which would be the best thing for her.