Monday, September 11, 2023


This month’s edition of the Diocese of Savannah’s monthly magazine, The Southern Cross, once a weekly newspaper, allows our diocesan readers to travel through another dimension! And, as the little girl with a thick southern fried accent, told TV audiences in a 1960’s commercial, while her mother was cooking chicken with “Shake and Bake” , I can say, “And I helped” to make our Diocesan Southern Cross, the Southern Cross Zone, cue the Twilight Zone music. 

My heart pounding Twilight Zone article is reprinted in full below these photos:


 Does the Catholic Church, though, have a teaching on Extraterrestrial life from outer space? NO!

 But the Church is not opposed to studying the question of life elsewhere, either non-intelligent life or intelligent life even more intelligent than human beings created in the image and likeness of God.

 Recently there seems to be documented evidence of “UFO’s”. We don’t know for sure if these are unidentified because they are unknown man-made aircraft or from some far distant universe which has made its way here. You can cue the Twilight Zone music now. 

Recently Congress heard from some people who say that extraterrestrial life has made its way here. Some say that biological material of these now dead “aliens” remains with us. However no verifiable proof was provided for us mere mortals to see! I find it harder to believe these testimonies than I do to believe aliens exist!

While the Church as no specific teachings on Extraterrestrial life, theologians and we rank and file Catholics can speculate on their existence and speculate if they need salvation in Jesus Christ, who alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life and He alone opens the doors of heaven to those otherwise condemned to an eternity in hell, life without God and all that it means to live without God. 

For centuries, people have wondered about alien intelligent life somewhere else. In the 20th Century, Orson Wells had his famous 1938 radio broadcast about Martians landing on earth and taking things over. It was presented as a newscast and people believed what they were hearing was reality, not a science fiction radio show. 

The most famous alien is Superman, a strange visitor from a distant planet with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. He looked like us, but he was/is the man of steel. Nonetheless he is an extraterrestrial. It is science fiction of course, but capitalizes on our belief that aliens do exist, are here and are smarter than us. 

Are there visitors, quite different than us, visiting us from another dimension, which the Catholic Church teaches, believes and is revealed by God? Yes, you bet you! They are called angels and there are 9 choirs of angels in heaven. And some of them have visited earth, Saint Gabriel the Archangel is one brilliant example, and he is far superior to Superman! The Archangel Gabriel is real. He is perfect and he has no need of baptism or to be saved. He used his free will not to disobey God when all the angels had a choice to obey God forever or disobey him forever. 

Some angels chose to definitively and for an eternity to disobey God with their free will. The Archangel Lucifer is a primary example. He and the other fallen angels now dwell for an eternity in the abode of hell. They can be manifested here on earth too, as we know the Church teaches. And their evil is more dangerous than the evil of any alien seen in science fiction movies. 

Also, another possibility is that the Saints in heaven have appeared to us here on earth in a visible way. Think of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s appearances which includes her body and soul. Perhaps other saints have made themselves known in a tangible way to others here on earth.   

As I write this on the Eve of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, body and soul into heaven, we know that heaven can contain the physical body and other physical material things like trees, food, drink and the like. Maybe there are heavenly “spacecrafts” capable of traversing the dimension between heaven and earth (or more frighteningly between hell and earth) to bring visitors to earth, who are human but some from heaven or maybe some from hell? The Church has no teaching on this, but I think we are free to speculate.  

But let’s say very intelligent life, more so than mere mortal beings like us, have an ability to traverse long distances in a moment, like being “beamed up by Scotty” a la Star Trek. 

If this is possible, perhaps there were other “Gardens of Eden” that God created, other Adams and Eves, and in those “Gardens of Eden” the Adams and Eves never committed any kind of Original Sin. Thus, they live forever and can do things that we poor miserable sinners can’t do because of Original Sin. Thus, they remained in the perfect state of being created in the image and likeness of God without ever sinning like the angels who remained eternally committed to God without falling like Lucifer did.

The other possibility is that intelligent human-like life is visiting us. We see them now because they live in our midst and act like us even in sinning. They are like the “Cone-heads” from the golden years of “Saturday Night Live” who said they were from France, but clearly aliens due to the shape of their head and other abnormalities not visible due to clothing.

Thus, we Catholics have an obligation to get them into the RCIA and evangelize them and enable them to say yes to Jesus and His salvation by His grace and through the Sacraments of the Church especially the Sacraments of Initiation, Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist. 

Just be sure you evangelize and don’t proselytize. That is the way of the Synodal Church's inclusiveness!


rcg said...

Hey! Also see an article on Transhumanism by Fr Kavenaugh! I like his punny title.

Back in a bit with witty and biting commentary.

rcg said...

Very interesting and, like an excellent homily, short and entertaining. Implied in your article is the possibility that the aliens have not experienced Christ. So the two questions are, Why not, if God is universal, and how do we evangelize them as you say in your conclusion? In both cases we have living laboratories here on Earth with which to practice before the Strangers arrive.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

rcg - Giving credit where it's due, the Southern Cross staff writes the titles.

Yes, God is universal, but does not necessarily reveal Himself universally. It was the Jews who were "the first to hear the word of God." Others came later.

Also, Christ came to reconcile fallen humanity. If needed, there may be salvation for the populations of planets where humans do not exist. We could speculate that it might take place as it did for us, with the (an?) incarnation of a Divine Person. Or, it might be accomplished in some other way...

rcg said...

Fr K, it might be OUR mission, if we choose accept it.

Is there a link to your article? I was frustrated by the Southern Cross website.

Catechist Kev said...

I would like to read your article too, Fr. K.

Excellent topic.

TJM said...

I would have thought Fr. K Orwell would be writing an article about the "proportionate" reasons he votes for the Abortion Party

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...


...should you choose to accept it...

Mark said...

Being terribly old-fashioned and a techno-dinosaur, I just read (and enjoyed) my printed copy of the latest issue of the Southern Cross! By the way, if you haven’t ever seen it, I think you will enjoy this video on adapting to new technologies:

And since TJM cannot resist bringing the politics of abortion into almost every discussion to take a swipe at Father Kavanaugh, let me respond in kind. Trump’s border wall was always ridiculous--the aliens will just fly over it in their UFOs aka UAPs.

TJM said...


Trump’s border wall (not an intrinsic evil) was effective. Your buddies in NY City , the alleged sanctuary city, are whining and complaining about a handful of illegal aliens now that simpleton China Joe has opened the spigot. Abortion remains an intrinsic evil, so Catholic bishops and priests who vote for them are earning a ticket to Hell. I imagine you lack the courage to support Catholic moral teaching on abortion on campus. You would lose your faculty lounge privileges. Universities are beclowning themselves these days, degrading their brand. Are you the head clown?

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Mark, as you know, TJM is incapable of recognizing the intrinsic evil of Trump's sexual abuse of women. And he is incapable of recognizing how his support for that evil, as PROVEN by his votes for Trump, is scandalous. And let's not mention January 6th and the attempt of Trump and Companions to overthrow the election results. These
"small matters" are of no concern to Trump cultists, as will soon be evidenced by his coming response . . .

Mark said...


Oh, for goodness’ sake, lighten up already!

TJM said...


Fr K is incapable of recognizing the intrinsic evil of Clinton and the Kennedy's sexual abuse of women. I could go on, but even you can recognize the hypocrisy and double standards of this pesty cleric. I am sure he was an Obama cultist too, probably singing the song the little school children in New Jersey were coerced to sing to their little wooden god.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

And, as expected, there it is:

TJM, again refusing to recognize the intrinsic evil of Trump's sexual abuse of women AND the grave scandal he gives when, by voting for Trump, he proves that he supports such abuse.

And thus it will, I fear, always be...

rcg said...

Fr.K, thank you for the link but it only takes me to the ethereal gates of Adobe Acrobat. I long to venture further over other bridges an see the Southern Cross with my own eyes. Is there a better link, Virgil?

TJM said...

Fr K Orwell,

Take the plank out of your eye. No one is defending your incredible bias and double standards, not even Mark. You obviously support the intrinsic evil of sexual abuse of women by supporting Clintoon and the Kennedy's. We already know you support abortion on demand, gay marriage and transgenderism because those are the only things your Party stands for. Now to really push your fake priesthood over the edge, read this from the Gateway Pundit, which demonstrates how utterly corrupt the Bidens are. But you haven't the guts to read it or you will claim they are not "real" journalists unlike the New York Slimes which hid vital information from the voters in the 2020 election even though ultimately, they admitted they were true: Hunter's laptop and the fake Russian Collusion story peddled by mega loser Hillary Clintoon and enabler of her "husbands" intrinsic evil of abusing women:

You are not fooling anyone. If your bishop had any cojones, he would remove you from your parish and then you could become a full-time operative for the Dems in New York City helping the mayor feed and house the illegal aliens he is now repudiating even though it is a "sanctuary city." The Pharisees have nothing on you!

George said...


Here you go...

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Folks, the next time TJM refers to my support for the Kennedys, please remind him that when JFK was elected I was 2.5 years old, and when RFK was assassinated I was 10. And, when Ted Kennedy was running for the Democratic nomination in 1980, which he did not receive, I was one of the 6.8% of Americans who voted for John B. Anderson.

TJM's fantasies are extra-ordinary.