Friday, September 8, 2023


Pope Francis named the next pope, meaning, he named the next Pope, Pope John XXIV!

If the next pope takes the name John XXIV, we will know all about what continuity means as it regards our past beginning in 2013, not before. 

Will it be a rigged conclave? Time and ideology will tell.


ByzRus said...

Aren't they all, to some extent, "rigged" if not outright rigged? I wouldn't put anything past any college.

More context here would be helpful.

Bob said...

My prediction is the next pope will take the name Pope Ralph.

Bob said...

ByzRus, as for rigged, when Electors meet, many for first time, there are obviously talks as for viable candidates, while organized lobbying is forbidden, and which rule was clearly violated by the self-proclaimed St.Gallen Mafia in Bergoglio's election.

Francis has made pointed jokes numerous times as for next pope being John XXIV, studiously ignoring those who came after as not to his liking as for progressive enough...

A progressive, if elected, just might take that John XXIV name as a nose thumbing to others, but showing it a foregone conclusion does not follow, while Francis clearly stacking the College with appointees while increasing elector numbers also to slant things....but with no guarantee these new electors will vote as hoped, as many of them may admit problems with current papacy direction and its damage to the Church.

Anonymous said...

Among Pope Benedict XVI's greatest contributions to the Church was his promise of "unconditional reverence and obedience" to his successor. Pope Benedict XVI had demonstrated the confidence and serenity that we should possess in regard to our future Pope(s).

After all, it was a given that thanks to the promise of Jesus Christ, Pope Benedict XVI's successor would preserve the Catholic Religion immaculate. In light of that, it is not surprising that Pope Benedict XVI's farewell address to the Cardinals included the following:

"Before I personally greet you I desire to tell you that I will continue to remain close to you with prayer, especially in these next days, that you may be fully docile to the action of the Holy Spirit in the election of the new Pope. That the Lord will show you what he wants from you."

Pope Benedict XVI's above declaration differs tremendously from his 1997 A.D. comments as Cardinal Ratzinger, in regard to the Holy Ghost's role in the election of a Pope.


Mark Thomas

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Fortunately Mark, Pope Benedict did. write about or votive his opinions on things of this papacy which concerned him. Just ask Archbishop Gainswain. Obedience never can demand blind obedience as that is immature and leads to horrible abuse.

Anonymous said...

Father McDonald said..."Fortunately Mark, Pope Benedict did. write about or votive his opinions on things of this papacy which concerned him. Just ask Archbishop Gainswain. Obedience never can demand blind obedience as that is immature and leads to horrible abuse."

Pope Benedict XVI's pro-Pope Francis public declarations and actions made it clear that he had kept his promise of having granted his "unconditional reverence and obedience" to his successor.

Father McDonald, even beyond the grave, Pope Benedict XVI, via his book published posthumously, praised Pope Francis.

Father McDonald, I will go with the public record. Therefore, Pope Benedict XVI had kept his promise in question.

Father McDonald, thank you.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

This will disturb Pope "Merciful" and his Roche: From Rorate:

"For Francis and his allies, one of the greatest surprises of the 'consultation of the laity' conducted as part of the Synod on Synodality must have been the consistent and vocal support for the Traditional Latin Mass and opposition to restrictions. This 'din' in favor of the Latin Mass was so widespread in American synodal listening sessions- including those that we attended- that support for Latin Mass and opposition to restrictions was mentioned in the USCCB's National Synthesis Report. As Joseph Shaw has documented, the United States was far from being isolated in this respect, as reports from England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Canada, and France note a desire for celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass. One Scottish diocese noted perceptively a generation gap: "The sheer difference of what the young think the Church is, the generation for whom to be Christian at all is to be effectively an everyday martyr. What the world looks like to young students is so different from what it looked like to my parent’s generation where Christianity was normal." Thus, "the consensus seemed to be that there should be a place for a variety of forms of worship, both traditional and contemporary, and in particular that both the Traditional Latin Mass (extraordinary form) and the Novus Ordo should be reverently celebrated and warmly embraced."

Servimus Unum Deum said...


It is rigged. Francis elected a whole bunch of “periphery” cardinals in the hopes the next person will be more likely to continue his “legacy.” This is the Church equivalent to me of what happens in Canada: appointing senators to the Senate of same political
Ideaology to corrupt the “sober second thought,” so leading party in power/the Prime Minister can pass bills to law uncontested.

Unless the newly elected bishops also think that what he’s done in papacy has gone “too far” then expect more of these events to happen in the church and worldwide.