Tuesday, September 12, 2023


 I give thanks to Edward Pentin asking the hard questions and Cardinal Designate Fernandez willing to give answers to these hard questions! What we are seeing with Pope Francis is a development of a “Pastoral Theology” to be compassionate with sinners and those more influenced by the world, the devil and the flesh, than by Jesus Christ. Herein lies the problem, compassion can lead to enablement of sin or silly behavior that can turn dangerous for body and soul. Just think of the LGBTQ+++ ideologies. 

LGBTQ+++ stuff is the flashpoint for this pastoral theology. But pastoral theology is an art, not a science and it has to be practiced but in an orthodox way. Pastoral theology isn’t a science and it can’t be a doctrine and certainly never a dogma. 

But this interview gives hope and in some cases you have to read between the lines as it concerns the grotesque polarization Pope Francis has provoked with loose words and opaque teachings and negativity towards those he willingly castigates and diagnosis as mentally impaired and backwards. Let’s pray for this new prefect of the old office of the Inquisition. 


From the National Catholic Register:

Exclusive: Archbishop Fernandez Warns Against Bishops Who Think They Can Judge ‘Doctrine of the Holy Father’

The Vatican’s new doctrinal chief also discusses his openness to same-sex Church blessings, shares his thoughts on the German Synodal Way, and explains his approach to safeguarding doctrine.


Edward Pentin:You said in a July interview with Crux that you take Pope Francis’ words about accepting the recent magisterium very seriously and that the faithful should allow their thought “to be transfigured with his criteria,” particularly when it comes to moral and pastoral theology. What is the “recent magisterium” exactly? How does it differ to the non-recent magisterium, and what do you mean when you say “transfigured with his criteria” regarding moral and pastoral theology? Is it binding and as prefect, how will you deal with those in the Church, especially bishops and priests, who won’t subscribe to the Holy Father’s magisterium as they might see it as contradicting established Church teaching? 

Cardinal Designate Fernandez: When we speak of obedience to the magisterium, this is understood in at least two senses, which are inseparable and equally important. One is the more static sense, of a “deposit of faith” which we must guard and preserve unscathed. But on the other hand, there is a particular charism for this safeguarding, a unique charism, which the Lord has given only to Peter and his successors. 

In this case we are not talking about a deposit, but about a living and active gift, which is at work in the person of the Holy Father. I do not have this charism, nor do you, nor does Cardinal Burke. Today only Pope Francis has it. Now, if you tell me that some bishops have a special gift of the Holy Spirit to judge the doctrine of the Holy Father, we will enter into a vicious circle (where anyone can claim to have the true doctrine) and that would be heresy and schism. Remember that heretics always think they know the true doctrine of the Church. Unfortunately, today, not only do some progressives fall into this error but also, paradoxically, do some traditionalist groups.



rcg said...

I can see why the Pope likes him.

rcg said...

Please straighten me out on this: does the Holy Father have his own doctrine?

Catechist Kev said...

Good question, rcg.

As if PF has given us some kind of new doctrine not part of the deposit of faith?

John said...

The Pope is not divinity. If his personality lacks the quality of humble discerment, including inspirations of the Holy Spirit, then Huston we have a Problem.

Jerome Merwick said...


Evidently this alleged pope has HIS own doctrine...unlike other popes.

Most Catholics used to understand that the CHURCH had its own doctrine and the job of popes and bishops was the preserve, protect and defend that doctrine.

This is just exploiting the lack of basic knowledge of the Catholic faith that has become the trademark of the Post Vatican II debacle. The pig has been fattened. The knives are being sharpened. The worst is yet to come.