Friday, September 22, 2023


 Even a reporter for Crux condemns the Vatican for its love of talking so much and saying so little. 

There are two must read stories. It is a head scratcher. Pope Francis’ shows us how the sex abuse scandal in the 1970’s went out of control. Keep in mind, Pope Francis projects onto others “backwardism” when in fact he is the backward one, in a state of arrested development, as it regards the faux euphoria of the 1970’s.

That euphoria, a pernicious form of original sin, thought that the Church could solve all problems through dialogue, rehabilitation and reintegration of the worst of sinners. Thus, love of sinners and criminals eclipsed the pain of victims and the victims were thrown under the bus in favor of perps. 

I can’t speak for the worldwide Church, but in the USA, priests who committed sexual crimes, some to gross to describe, were sent to cushy treatment facilities around the country which treated priests with these problems. There was no sense of following civil law or informing Catholic clergy and laity, that these miscreants existed, what they did and how effective their so-called rehabilitation was. 

The theology that supported this ludicrous situation is based upon the Church, meaning the baptized people of God can usher in the eschaton here and now by our own merits and all that we do. Heaven on earth by our own good works. We can heal the world and every individual in it. 

Pope Francis seems to embrace this ideology as it concerns sexual abuse.

Read these two articles and thank God that Cardinal Ladaria is saying NO MORE!

Ladaria Will Not Attend Synod- Was He the 'Katechon' Holding Back the Rupnik Rehabilitation?


Today, it was announced that Cardinal Luis Ladaria Ferrer, former prefect of the Dicastery of the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF), will not be taking part in the Synod on Synodality 'at his own request.' No other reason was given.


And now the Crux article:


(The) scene this week, after the largely self-inflicted double whammy that hit Pope Francis and the Vatican in the form of developments in two gruesome abuse and cover-up stories. Both set in relief the ironic reality of the Vatican’s addiction to talk, which is at once too much and too little to control the spiraling narrative of disastrous failure to deal effectively with entrenched problems.

The first was the frankly bizarre statement that came on Monday from the Diocese of Rome regarding its “investigation” into Rome’s Centro Aletti – better known as the base of operations for the disgraced former celebrity Jesuit, Marko Rupnik, credibly accused of serial sexual, psychological, and spiritual abuse perpetrated against nearly twenty women over three decades – which drew a clean bill of health from the probe.

Read the whole article at Crux:

On recent abuse scandals, Vatican talk is both too much and too little


TJM said...

Let's face it, we have a crackpot Pope, a leftwing one at that.

rcg said...

I am not sure what these guys are thinking. IT would seem that they are trying to have mercy on people who are suffering from severe mental illness or even demonic activity. But they facilitate and allow it to continue, harming many more people and their Faith. This only makes it more difficult to have a calm and rational investigation that would exonerate innocent clergy. The Pope does himself no favors doing photo ops and giving cushy assignments to guilty ones, too.

Mark Thomas said...

I have not encountered any report as to why Cardinal Ladaria Ferrer SJ will not attend the Synod. However, some among Pope Francis' vicious critics have claimed with glee that the Cardinal has stuck it to Pope Francis.

Good luck with that scenario as the Synod will proceed just fine without Cardinal Ladaria Ferrer's SJ attendance at the Synod. Not that I am happy as to his absence at the Synod. I wish that he would attend the Synod.

But as to the notion that his absence in question will discredit Pope Francis/the Synod, there is the following to consider:

In 1986 A.D., vicious critics of Pope Saint John Paul II reacted with glee when then-Cardinal Ratzinger had refused to attend Assisi I.

The critics in question insisted that Cardinal Ratzinger's resistance to Assisi I was a tremendous slap in the face to Pope Saint John Paul II — a major setback to Pope Saint John Paul II/Assisi I.

Then-Cardinal Ratzinger, as compared to Cardinal Ladaria Ferrer SJ, was far more influential within the Church. Nevertheless, then-Cardinal Ratzinger's snub in question failed to have dented Assisi I.

The Synod, with or without this, or that participant's (Cardinal, or otherwise) presence, will move forward, then concluded in orthodox fashion, via the Roman Pontiff's Apostolic Exhortation.


Mark Thomas

Fr Martin Fox said...

Predictable as a clock. Not nearly as informative, alas.

Fr Martin Fox said...

...lest there be any misunderstanding: my prior comment was *not* about the original post, or our genial host.